Things to Do in Zagreb - city view


When visiting Zagreb, you need to take in as many of the sights and sounds as possible. It’s time to plan for these 10 things to do in Zagreb during your holiday.

1. See the Cobbled Streets of Upper Town

Start with a walk around Upper Town, full of the old cobblestone streets. You’ll see a mixture of history and modern day life gelling as one. There are plenty of buildings to admire and restaurants for a bite to eat.

2. Experience Dolac Market

Take in the local life when you’re on your holiday. Dolac Market is the place everyone goes at the weekend for their groceries and a chance to meet with friends. You’ll see locally grown fruits, vegetables, and more, as well as the best souvenirs for the family back home.

3. Visit Zagreb Cathedral

Even if you’re not a believer, Zagreb Cathedral is something you will want to visit. It’s one of the city’s most beautiful monuments, mixing the ancient stone work with neo-gothic beauties after earthquakes damaged much of it. You’ll see the cathedral from afar thanks to its twin towers.

4. Grab Breakfast at Kava Tava

Want to know the best place to eat in Zagreb? That has to be Kava Tava, with its full English breakfast and toasted sandwiches. It offers breakfast and brunch throughout the day, making it the perfect spot any time. You’ll also love the coffee, as it serves the best in the area.

5. See the Animals of Zagreb Zoo

One of the things to do in Zagreb for families is a trip to the local park and zoo. You’ll see wildlife and local creatures roaming and living peacefully. This is the chance to delve into nature and enjoy the peace of the area. The park gives the chance for the kids to run around, while you read a book and relax.

6. Walk Around King Tomislav Square

King Tomislav was the first king of Croatia. His square offers a look at the old and new world, with a beautiful statue of the king and striking features around the Art Pavilion. If you’re travelling in the winter, don your ice skates and enjoy the outdoor skating with the locals.

7. See the Museum of Broken Relationships

Initially this sounds strange, but it is definitely one of the things to do in Zagreb. The museum is full of heartbreaking stories, beautifully crafted letters, and personal belongings from lovers throughout the years.

8. See the Sights from Above

Book your trip on the Zagreb Eye, the biggest wheel in the local area. You’ll get a full 360- degree view of the city, taking in the breathtaking buildings and sights, while watching the people live their lives normally. This is the spot where you see history gel seamlessly with the modern-day skyscrapers. Don’t forget your camera!

9. Get Some Retail Therapy

Take a trip around the shopping area of Ilica Street. It’s easy to get to by public transport and you’ll definitely find everything you could need. There are modern, high street stores and beautiful local boutiques offering a large selection of tastes.

10. Taste the Wins of Mali Medo

Whether you’re a beer or wine lover, you’ll find exquisite tastes at Mali Medo. The bar is one of the most popular with both locals and tourists, so you’re guaranteed an excellent night. The best part is the prices are extremely reasonable. You’ll go nowhere else once you’ve tried here.