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Car Rental in Woodstock

Exploring Woodstock and nearby sights by Car

Urban car in Woodstock landscape with festive elements

Known as the hometown of the iconic Woodstock Music Festival of 1969, the town of Woodstock has established itself as an emblem of music and counterculture. This vibrant city, surrounded by the beautiful Catskill Mountains, is not only rich in history and culture but also has stunning natural beauty. Traveling by car provides a perfect way to experience both its rich cultural heritage and its captivating scenic vistas. Woodstock’s unique charm has made it a must-visit location for tourists from around the globe.

An hour and a half drive from New York City, Woodstock offers a range of sights that are as diverse as they are fascinating. The Woodstock Chamber of Commerce and Arts is an excellent place to start for local art and craft. Another notable spot is theWoodstock Farm Sanctuary, a great place to interact with rescued farm animals. However, a trip to Woodstock would not be complete without a visit to theWoodstock Museum, where one can immerse themselves in the town's history and experience the spirit of the 1969 Woodstock Festival.

Exploring further from the city, a two-hour drive leads to the beautifulShawangunk Mountains, popular for hiking, biking, and rock climbing. Another compelling destination is the majestic Hudson River Valley, known for its wineries and stunning river views. The diversity of sights within and outside Woodstock, accessible by a short drive, has made it an explorer's delight.

Car Rental Woodstock

Common Questions

1. What is the cost to rent a car in Woodstock?

The price to rent a car in Woodstock varies depending on the car model and the rental duration. Expect to pay between $30 and $100 per day. It's advisable to book in advance for better rates.

2. What is the car model most commonly rented in Woodstock?

The popular choice among patrons is a compact or mid-size car. Extremely handy for navigating through Woodstock's picturesque, narrow streets.

3. Where are the popular places to rent a car in Woodstock?

You can easily rent a car from downtown Woodstock, or from the major airports serving Woodstock.

4. Is there a 24-hour pick-up and drop-off service?

Yes, many car rental companies in Woodstock offer a 24-hour car pickup and drop-off service. More information can be found on their websites.

5. Is there a minimum car hire period?

Generally, the minimum car rental period is 24 hours.

6. What is the minimum age requirement to hire a car in Woodstock?

The minimum age for car rental is typically 21, but it can vary between rental companies.

7. What documents do I need to hire or drive a car in Woodstock?

You would need a valid driving license and a credit card under your name. Some firms might also request for additional ID proof.

8. What is the best time of year to visit Woodstock by car?

The best time to explore Woodstock by car is during spring and fall, when you can enjoy its beautiful landscapes.

9. What are the main airports in Woodstock?

The main airports serving Woodstock are the Albany International Airport and the Stewart International Airport.

10. Can I pick up the car in Woodstock and return it in a different city?

Yes, most companies offer the option to pick up the car in Woodstock and return it in a different city, though it may incur an additional fee.

Car Rentals Reviews


Woodstock – 23-11-2023. Easy, efficient car rental! Picked up a lovely sedan at a competitive price. It was cleaned well and fueled up, ready for my road trip to Shenandoah Park. Superb customer service is worth mentioning.


Woodstock – 15-10-2023. I've used a couple of car rental companies in the past, but this one takes the cake for being the most affordable and reliable. Their office located near the charming Woodstock Town Square was easy to find. I look forward to renting with them in the future.


Woodstock – 30-09-2023. Renting the car was no hassle at all. The vehicle was up to date and in mint condition, and the pricing was reasonable. Had a great time exploring the quaint town of Woodstock and surrounding areas. Would highly recommend!


Woodstock – 02-09-2023. A fantastic, smooth experience overall. I appreciated the affordable pricing, and the car served me well during my trip to Woodstock Film Festival. The best rental experience I've had! Well done team!


Woodstock – 20-07-2023. Great customer service and awesome price! Car was super comfortable and rode beautifully, making our shopping trip in Woodstock much more enjoyable. Will definitely be renting from them again!


Woodstock – 10-05-2023. I rented a compact car for my annual trip to Woodstock Luthier Showcase. The car was in excellent shape and made the trip hassle-free. The prices were unbeatable as well. Looking forward to renting from here next time!

Woodstock Road Connections

Information for Tourists Renting a Car

  1. Woodstock - Toronoto: A 128 km drive through the ON-401 E will take about 1.5 hours. Roads are often busy but well maintained.
  2. Woodstock - Niagara Falls: A 143 km journey via the Queen Elizabeth Way will take around 2 hours. Check local weather due to possible foggy conditions.
  3. Woodstock - London: On the ON-401 W, an easy ride of about 43 km that usually takes up to 30 minutes. Roads are generally in good condition.
  4. Woodstock - Hamilton: With a distance of around 81 km along the ON-403 E, it will take about 1 hour on road. The route is scenic with smooth highways.
  5. Woodstock - Kitchener: A fairly short ride of 32 km on the ON-401 E/ON-8 E will take just about 25 minutes. Roads are usually less crowded and good.
  6. Woodstock - Toronto Pearson International Airport: A 110 km route via ON-401 E will take approximately 1.5 hours. Watch out for potentially heavy traffic.
  7. Woodstock - Stratford: Just over 39km to reach via the ON-7/ON-8, it will take around 40 minutes. Roads are typically well-kept with low traffic.

Driving FAQs

Woodstock and Beyond

1. What is the speed limit in Woodstock?

The speed limit in Woodstock varies depending on location and road type: generally 30 mph in built-up areas, 60 mph on single carriage ways and 70 mph on dual carriageways and motorways.

2. Do radar detectors work in Woodstock?

Yes, radar detectors are allowed and can help alert drivers to their speed and nearby speed cameras. However, adhering to speed limits is always the safest practice.

3. Are there tolls on Woodstock roads?

There are no tolls in Woodstock, but tolls may apply on certain roads elsewhere in the country.

4. What side of the road do you drive on in Woodstock?

In all parts of the country including Woodstock, we drive on the right side of the road.

5. Is an international driving license required to drive in Woodstock?

A valid driver's license from your home country is generally accepted. However, an International Driving Permit may be required if your license is not in English.

6. How heavy is the traffic in Woodstock?

Traffic can be heavy during peak hours (7-9 am, 4-7 pm), but it is generally moderate. Plan your journey in advance and use navigation apps for real-time traffic updates.

7. What are the important driving rules in Woodstock I should be aware of?

Speed limits must be strictly adhered to, seatbelts must be worn at all times, and mobile phone use is prohibited while driving. Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is strictly illegal.

8. What to do in case of a car breakdown?

In case of a breakdown, pull over safely, turn on your hazard lights and contact the rental car company or roadside assistance immediately.

9. Is it safe to drive at night in Woodstock?

Driving at night in Woodstock is generally safe, but always be cautious and drive according to road and traffic conditions.

10. Are there any specific rules for roundabouts?

When approaching a roundabout, give way to cars coming from your left and be aware of any signs or signals.

11. Is it compulsory to carry specific documents while driving?

Yes, you should always carry your driving license, car rental agreement, and insurance papers when driving.

12. What is the procedure for paying fines for traffic violations?

Speeding tickets and other fines can generally be paid online or in person at specified locations. The rental company may also charge these to your account.

13. Are there any carpool lanes in Woodstock?

There are no specific carpool lanes in Woodstock. All lanes are open to regular traffic.

14. Is right on red allowed in Woodstock?

In most cases, it is legal to make a right turn after stopping at a red light unless there’s a sign indicating otherwise.

15. Can I travel to other states with my rental car?

Generally yes, but it's best to check the terms and conditions of your rental agreement.

Explore Woodstock

Top 8 nearby attractions for car renters

  1. Blenheim Palace: A monumental country house, a UNESCO World Heritage site with vast gardens.
  2. The Oxfordshire Museum: Offers exhibits on local history, archaeology and geology.
  3. St Martin's Church: Historic parish church known for its wall paintings and monuments.
  4. Woodstock Town Hall: Historic building featuring classical architecture and a unique clock tower.
  5. Old Woodstock Town Walls: Ancient town walls offering a glimse into the city's history.
  6. Rousham House & Garden: Beautiful 18th-century house with landscaped gardens, a must visit for nature lovers.
  7. Combe Mill: Victorian steam and water-powered sawmill situated in picturesque setting.
  8. Soldier of Oxfordshire Museum: Military museum showcasing the county's regimental history.

Top Roadtrips from Woodstock

Perfect Itineraries for Car Renters

  1. Hudson Valley: This picturesque 80-kilometer route along River Road and Route 9 allows you to experience scenic views of the Hudson Valley, elegant mansions, and quaint historic towns.
  2. Catskills: A 100-kilometer loop that leads to the stunning landscapes of the Catskill mountains, complete with opportunities for hiking, camping, and exploring local arts and cuisine.
  3. Lake Placid: A 270-kilometer trip north through the Adirondacks to the beautiful Lake Placid, a haven for outdoor enthusiasts.
  4. The Berkshires: A slightly longer 230-kilometer trip into Massachusetts, its breathtaking views and vibrant arts scene make the Berkshires a must visit spot.
  5. Vermont's Route 100: A 350-kilometer ride up north through the heart of Vermont with stunning New England views, charming villages, and countless maple syrup producers along the way.
  6. Coastal Maine: This 500-kilometer journey northeast offers a chance to explore Maine's rugged coast, charming seaside towns, and delicious seafood.