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Car Rental in Verona

Your Ultimate Road Trip Guide to Discover the Stunning City of Verona

City car in Verona with amphitheater, river and romantic balconies

Situated in northeastern Italy, Verona is known for its artistic heritage, several annual fairs, shows, and operas, such as the lyrical season in the Arena, an ancient Roman amphitheater. Often overlooked for more famous Italian cities, Verona is a stunning place of ancient ruins, gastronomic delights, and love-stricken tales, courtesy of William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, set here in this romantic city.

While visiting, travelers should definitely take a car trip to explore the breathtaking landscapes surrounding the city. It takes around 2 hours in a car to reach the stunning Lake Garda, Italy's largest lake, and only an hour to the vibrant city of Milan. Moreover, the Provincia di Verona provides a detailed tourist itinerary for visitors interested in exploring cultural and natural beauties of Verona's countryside, dotted with churches, castles, vineyards, and agritourism facilities, all just a short distance by car.

Additionally, Verona offers some of the best preserved Roman structures in Italy, such as the impressive Verona Arena, and the picturesque Centro Storico, which features myriad cobblestone streets and squares. No visit would be complete without stepping foot on the Ponte Pietra, the city's oldest bridge or visiting Juliet's Balcony, a fundamental stop for lovers of Shakespeare. Exploring the city by car allows you to get to these fascinating historic sites conveniently and offers a unique insight into the Roman world.

Car Rental FAQ

Verona Car Hire Guide

1. How much does it cost to rent a car in Verona?

The cost of car rental in Verona varies depending on the car model, rental period, and rental company. On average, you can expect to pay anywhere from €20 to €100 per day. Enhanced insurance, optional extras, and fuel policies may also affect the final price.

2. Which car model is most popular for renting in Verona?

The Fiat 500 is a popular car model to rent in Verona. Its compact size makes it ideal for navigating Verona's narrow streets and finding parking in this bustling city.

3. What are the most popular locations to rent a car in Verona?

Most people choose to rent a car from locations such as Verona Porta Nuova Train Station and Verona Airport.

4. Is there a 24-hour pick-up and drop-off service?

Yes, many car rental companies in Verona offer 24-hour pick-up and drop-off services. However, this is subject to availability and may incur additional costs.

5. Is there a minimum rental period?

Yes, most car rental companies in Verona require a minimum rental period, which is usually 24 hours.

6. What is the minimum age to rent a car in Verona?

Most car rental companies in Verona require drivers to be at least 23 years old. Some companies may rent to drivers aged 18-22, but often with a young driver surcharge.

7. What are the required documents for car rental in Verona?

You will need a valid driver's licence, credit card in the driver's name and identification (like a passport). International visitors may also need an International Driving Permit.

8. What is the best time of year to visit Verona by car?

Spring (April to June) and Autumn (September to November) are the best times to visit Verona by car when the weather is pleasant and tourist crowds are smaller.

9. What are the main airports in Verona?

The main airport in Verona is Verona Villafranca Airport. It offers numerous car rental options for travellers.

10. Can I pick up the car in Verona and drop it off in another city?

Yes, many rental companies in Verona offer the option of one-way rentals. However, this is subject to availability and may involve an additional fee.

Car Rental Reviews


Verona – 22-11-2023. A top-notch car rental experience in Verona. As a frequent traveller, I can confidently say that this is one of the best car hire services I've used. The price was right, the car was in excellent condition, and the process was quick and efficient. The rich culture and stunning architecture of Verona were made accessible thanks to the reliable car. I will certainly be using this service in the future.


Verona – 04-09-2023. Being an older lady, I was worried about the complexities of renting a car. However, this company was exceptionally accommodating and patient. The staff patiently explained all the details of the deal and helped me choose a car that suits my needs and budget. The fares were quite reasonable, I must add. And the beauty of Verona was just an added joy using their service.


Verona – 12-07-2023. We chose this company because of the competitive pricing. Such brilliant service is hard to find nowadays. The car was comfortable and fuel efficient. The ancient city of Verona with its narrow streets was a joy to explore thanks to the compact size of our rental car. Highly recommended for anyone visiting Italy.


Verona – 20-05-2023. Efficient and reliable service! Their cars are new, clean and at very good prices. The staff was friendly and always ready to answer questions. There's no better way to explore the hidden gems of Verona than in your own rented car. I had a wonderful experience!


Verona – 27-02-2023. I found the booking process to be straightforward and the staff extremely helpful. The prices are competitive, and the car providedwas in great condition. Verona's breathtaking landscapes simply looked better from the comfort of my rented car! I will definitely recommend this rental service.


Verona – 23-12-2022. Using this car rental service has made my trip to Italy, and specifically to Verona, a memorable experience. The assistance provided was excellent and their pricing reasonable. Surely, the best way to travel around and take in the beautiful sights of Verona. I will be sure to use this service when I return!

Verona Road Connections

Convenient roads from Verona to popular destinations

  1. Verona - Venice: A popular route of 114 km, mainly via A4, usually taking around 1 hour 30 mins. Highways are well-maintained.
  2. Verona - Milan: Trip of 162 km, mostly on A4 and takes approximately 2 hours. Make sure to have credits for tolls.
  3. Verona - Florence: This 230 km route via A1 typically takes 2 hours 30 mins, passing by beautiful Tuscan landscapes.
  4. Verona - Bologna: A relatively short 142 km journey via A13 and A14, usually taking just under 2 hours.
  5. Verona - Rome: A longer haul at 509 km, primarily on A1 and requiring approximately 5 hours 15 mins. Avoid during peak hours.
  6. Verona - Turin: This 298 km drive, largely on A4 and A21, typically takes around 3 hours 15 mins. The alpine scenery is a bonus.
  7. Verona - Naples: A long drive of 710 km, mostly via A1, consuming on average around 7 hours. Plan for breaks!

Driving in Verona

Common Queries on the Road

1. What is the speed limit in Verona city center?

In Verona, like in most urban areas in Italy, the speed limit is 50 km/h.

2. Are there speed limits on the highways?

Yes, on the Autostrade or highways, the speed limit is typically 130 km/h but can drop to 110 km/h in poor weather conditions.

3. Is an international driving license required in Verona?

Non-European Union residents planning to drive in Verona and Italy will need an International Driving Permit along with their original license.

4. Are there radar speed traps in Verona?

Yes, speed cameras or 'Autovelox' are widely used throughout Italy, so it's important to adhere to the speed limits.

5. Are there toll roads in and around Verona?

Yes, most Autostrade in Italy are toll roads. The total cost depends on the distance travelled.

6. What is the general conduct for roundabouts?

Cars inside the roundabout have the right of way. Those entering the roundabout must yield unless otherwise indicated.

7. Is there a rule for which side of the road you should drive on?

In Italy, cars are driven on the right-hand side of the road.

8. Can foreigners park their cars freely in Verona?

There are designated parking spaces in Verona. Some are free, some are paid, and some are reserved for residents, so it’s necessary to check the signs.

9. What are the safety regulations while driving in Verona?

In addition to following speed limits, all passengers must wear seatbelts, and children under 36 kg or shorter than 150 cm must use a suitable child restraint.

10. Are there specific road signs to watch out for?

Italian roads have European standard signs. 'Centro' refers to the city centre, 'Uscita' means exit, and 'All' indicates directions.

11. What would cause a likely traffic jam in Verona?

The city center and the area around the Verona Arena often have heavy traffic, especially during the rush hour and event times.

12. How can I get updated about traffic status in Verona?

You can use GPS or a smartphone app. Italian radio stations also often provide traffic updates.

13. What should I do in case of an accident?

You should contact the police and your car rental company immediately. And don't forget to document the accident with photos and gather witness information if possible.

14. What is the protocol for driving in mountainous regions in Italy?

When driving through tunnels and mountain roads, turn on your headlights. On steep and narrow roads, the vehicle driving uphill has the right of way.

15. Is it required to wear safety vests while changing tires on the side of the road?

Yes, it's necessary for anyone who gets out of a car on a highway or a high-speed road to wear a high visibility reflective vest.

Verona Must-Sees

Guided car tour around Verona's top attractions

  1. Arena di Verona: Third largest Roman amphitheater, offering concerts and opera shows.
  2. Juliet’s House: Building made famous as the house of Shakespeare's Juliet.
  3. Castelvecchio Museum: Gothic castle turned into a museum displaying Medieval and Renaissance art.
  4. Torre dei Lamberti: Eighty-four meter tower offering panoramic views of Verona.
  5. Verona Cathedral: Celebrated Romanesque cathedral with fresco-decorated chapels.
  6. Piazza delle Erbe: Verona's busiest square bustling with market stalls and cafes.
  7. Giardino Giusti: Beautiful Renaissance garden dating from the 16th century.
  8. San Zeno Maggiore: Impressive Romanesque church housing precious artworks.

Scenic Verona Roadtrips

Experience Italy on the Road

  1. Verona to Venice: A picturesque 114-kilometer journey through lush vineyards and charming towns.
  2. Lakeside Route: A 166-kilometer journey from Verona to Lake Garda, offering stunning views of Italy's largest lake.
  3. Verona to Florence: A 230-kilometer journey through the beautiful Tuscan countryside, passing through Bologna and Modena.
  4. Tyrol Road: A scenic 300-kilometer route from Verona to Tyrol, taking you through the stunning Dolomites mountain range.
  5. Verona to Milan: A direct 157-kilometer drive from Verona to the fashion and design capital of Italy.
  6. Romantic Road: A 350-kilometer journey from Verona to Fussen, Germany, a fairytale route through the Alps.
  7. Verona to Rome: A 516-kilometer journey to Italy's capital, passing through magnificent historical cities like Siena and Florence.