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Car Rental in Catania

Indulge in Catania's Charm and Nearby Treasures on Wheels

City car amidst Catania's landscape with Mount Etna, Baroque architecture, citrus trees

Nestled on the east coast of Sicily, beneath the dominating shadow of Mount Etna, lies the captivating city of Catania. Rich in history and soaked in baroque charm, with a unique blend of ancient ruins, vibrant markets and azure coastlines, Catania is one of the Mediterranean's hidden gems that's waiting to be explored. Whether walking its bustling streets or delving into its culinary wonders, Catania astoundingly offsets its vibrant city life with the serene beauty of its surrounding landscapes.

A trip to Catania is incomplete without visiting its notable landmarks. Exploring the city by car allows a convenient and flexible tour around Catania's key spots. Start from the heart of the city—the Piazza del Duomo, and drive around the breathtaking Ursino Castle and the iconic Teatro Massimo Bellini. And about 30 minutes drive south of Catania takes you to the fascinating Syracuse and Ortigia Island. Known for its rich Greek history and architecture, it delivers a contrasting tranquil seaside charisma. Additionally, a drive up the slopes of Mount Etna is an unforgettable detour that offers magnificent panoramas of the island.

For those yearning for a unique Sicilian experience, venture on a road trip along the east coast. In less than 30 minutes north by car, the picturesque town of Taormina awaits. Nestled on a cliff overlooking the sea, Taormina offers a mix of historic sites like the ancient theatre, beautiful beaches, and delicious cuisine. Further up north, about 25 minutes drive, leads to the stunning Alcantara Gorges. This coastal road trip encapsulates the alluring spirit of Sicily, making it a must-do journey.

Car Rental in Catania

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the cost of renting a car in Catania?

The cost to rent a car in Catania depends on various factors such as the type of car, duration of rental, and the season. Prices can range from $15 per day for economy cars to $100 per day for luxury vehicles. For the best deals, it's recommended to book in advance.

2. What are the most popular locations within Catania to rent a car?

Popular locations to rent a car in Catania include Catania Fontanarossa Airport, Catania Downtown, and various hotels around the city.

3. Is there a 24-hour pick-up and return service?

Yes, many car rental agencies in Catania offer 24-hour pick-up and return services, especially at locations such as Catania Fontanarossa Airport.

4. Is there a minimum rental period?

Typically, the minimum car rental period is 24 hours. However, some companies may offer hourly rentals.

5. What is the minimum age requirement to rent a car in Catania?

The minimum age requirement to rent a car in Catania varies by rental company, but generally, renters must be 21 years old. Additional charges may apply for drivers under 25.

6. Which documents are needed for car rental in Catania?

Generally, you will need to provide your driving license, a credit card, and proof of insurance coverage. Non-EU renters may also require an International Driving Permit.

7. When is the best time of the year to visit Catania by car?

The best time to visit Catania by car is in the spring or autumn when the weather is pleasant and the roads are less crowded. Be aware that mountain roads can be challenging during winter.

8. What are the main airports in Catania?

The main airport in Catania is the Catania Fontanarossa Airport, located near the city center.

9. Can I pick up the car in Catania and return it in a different city?

Yes, most car rental companies in Catania offer one-way rentals, enabling you to pick up your car in Catania and drop it off in a different city. Additional charges may apply.

10. What car model is the most frequently rented in Catania?

The Fiat 500 is very popular due to its compact size, ideal for navigating through narrow Italian roads and parking in tight spots.

Car Rental Reviews


Catania – 21-11-2023. Excellent terms of car rental deal! As a frequent traveller to Catania, my budget for car rental is quite tight. But the fees were reasonable, and they didn't blow my budget. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a deal that gives you more bang for your buck.


Catania – 15-10-2023. The car I got was clean and reliable. I had a pleasant driving experience exploring the beautiful landscape of Catania. Staff were welcoming and professional, making the whole process hassle-free. I will certainly be back next time I'm in town.


Catania – 05-09-2023. Superb customer service! I had a late flight into Catania and was concerned about car collection. Their staff was ready and waiting, even helped load my luggage. It's this kind of service that makes them stand out from the rest.


Catania – 20-07-2023. I'm forever grateful for their flexibility and understanding when I needed to extend my drive duration. Not only did they not increase the price, but they also handled the situation professionally. I'm very satisfied with my experience.


Catania – 11-06-2023. Renting from this company was a breeze. The prices were incredibly fair, the car was comfortable, and the staff were very helpful. Their location in Catania was easy to find. I'll be using their services again next time I visit.


Catania – 01-05-2023. They provided me with an efficient, economical, and comfortable car for my exciting exploration of Catania. The price was more than reasonable, and the staff was helpful and kind. I recommend this fantastic service highly.

Catania Road Connections

Key routes from Catania for car renters

  1. Catania - Messina: Covering 95.5 km, it would take about 1.5 hours journey via the A18. The road is coastal and scenic, known for being well-maintained.
  2. Catania - Syracuse: A quick 66 km drive, about 50 minutes journey via the A18. Expect smooth driving and sights of the Ionian coast.
  3. Catania - Taormina: This 52 km route will take approximately 45 minutes via the A18. Admire the beautiful coastal views on your journey.
  4. Catania - Palermo: Average travel time is 2 hours 45 minutes for this 207 km route via the A19. Take note of regular tolls on this highway.
  5. Catania - Ragusa: A 97 km drive, approximately 1 hour 30 minutes via the SS194 and SS514. These are busy roads providing direct access to Southern Sicily.
  6. Catania - Enna: Spanning 85 km, about 1 hour 15 minutes journey via the SS121 and A19. It offers a unique inland view of Sicily.
  7. Catania - Agrigento: The 172 km stretch can be covered in about 2 hours 30 minutes via the SS121. It's a historic route with scenic countryside views.

Driving in Catania

General Driving Queries

1. Which side of the road is driven on in Catania?

In Catania, as in the rest of Italy, cars are driven on the right-hand side of the road.

2. What is the general speed limit in Catania?

Speed limits differ depending on the type of road. In built-up areas the limit is usually 50km/hr, outside towns it can be 90km/hr, on main roads 110km/hr and on motorways 130km/hr.

3. Is a driving license required to drive in Catania?

Yes, a valid driving license is required to drive a car in Catania and around Italy.

4. What is the policy on speed cameras in Catania?

Speed cameras are widespread throughout Catania and fines for speeding offenses can be hefty.

5. Are there any toll roads in or around Catania?

Yes, Italy has a network of toll roads called Autostrade. Charges can be paid at booths with cash or card.

6. Are there specific road rules to be aware of when driving in Catania?

Italian traffic laws follow the Vienna Convention. This stipulates rules such as keeping a safe distance from other vehicles, using indicators, and not overtaking in dangerous situations.

7. What should I know about the traffic in Catania?

Catania is a bustling city with heavy traffic. Congestion is common during morning and evening peak hours.

8. Is it safe to drive in Catania?

Yes, but be aware that driving in an Italian city can be chaotic, particularly during rush hour. Always be alert and expect the unexpected.

9. Are there parking rules in Catania?

In Catania, you will find blue lines on the street for paid parking and white lines for free parking. Remember to use a parking disc and set your arrival time correctly.

10. What are the rules for right of way in Catania?

At junctions, the car from the right has right of way, unless indicated otherwise. Cars already in a roundabout also have right of way.

11. What documents do I need to carry when driving in Catania?

You need to carry your driving license, ID (passport), car registration and proof of insurance at all times when driving.

12. What types of roads are there in Catania?

The infrastructure in Catania consists of motorways, main roads, secondary roads, and urban roads. Each of them have different speed limits.

13. Can I drive in Catania with an international driving permit?

Yes, but it should be complemented with the national driving license.

14. What are the penalties for driving offenses in Catania?

Penalties for driving offenses vary from fines to driving suspension or even imprisonment for very serious offenses.

15. Are driving laws in Catania strict?

Yes, the traffic laws in Catania are strictly enforced, and penalties are heavy, particularly for drink-driving and speeding.

Driving in Catania

Explore the top tourist destinations

  1. Mount Etna: This active volcano provides breathtaking sights, making it a must-visit in Catania.
  2. Piazza Duomo: Located in Catania's heart, this square is home to the city's symbol, the Elephant Fountain.
  3. Catania Cathedral: Known as the Cathedral of Saint Agatha, it displays unique Sicilian Baroque architecture style.
  4. Teatro Romano: An ancient Roman theater, showcasing the rich history of the city.
  5. Ursino Castle: A 13th-century castle now turned into a museum, offering stunning views of the city.
  6. Gardens of Villa Bellini: A beautiful and massive garden, perfect for a leisurely stroll after a long day.
  7. Benedictine Monastery of San Nicolo: A historical monastery with stunning architectural details.
  8. Via Etnea: A famous shopping street, where you can find top Italian brands and local products.

Top Road Trips from Catania

Exploring Sicily by Car

  1. Catania to Taormina: A 52 kilometer journey that takes you along the coast to the picturesque town of Taormina, with its stunning Greek Theatre and panoramic views of the sea.
  2. Mount Etna Route: Drive 35 kilometers uphill to experience the majesty of Mount Etna, Europe's highest active volcano. Make sure to stop by the Silvestri Craters.
  3. Route to Syracuse: A 66 kilometer drive south will take you to the ancient city of Syracuse, a UNESCO World Heritage site known for the impressive architecture of its old town, Ortigia.
  4. Catania to Agrigento: On this 169 kilometer journey, you'll pass through beautiful countryside and end up at the Valley of the Temples, an archaeological site with well-preserved Greek temples.
  5. Route to Palermo: This 236 kilometer trip will introduce you to the cultural heart of Sicily. Palermo is a vibrant city with a rich history and an eclectic collection of architectural wonders.
  6. Coastal Drive to Messina: A 104 kilometer journey that takes you along the east coast of Sicily, offering breathtaking views of the Ionian Sea as you drive into the city of Messina.
  7. Catania to Caltagirone: Drive 68 kilometers to reach Caltagirone, known for its centuries-old tradition of pottery making. Make sure to visit the Staircase of Santa Maria del Monte, decorated with colorful ceramic tiles.