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Experience top-notch customer service with our car rental business in Spokane. Discover the charming Spokane Riverfront Park or the historical Davenport Arts District effortlessly. Our team is dedicated to providing prompt, friendly, and efficient services, ensuring an enjoyable journey through the uniqueness of Spokane Region.

Car Rental in Spokane

Marvel at Spokane's Natural Scenic Beauty and Attractions to Visit

City car with Spokane's iconic landmarks and hiking elements

Welcome to Spokane, the largest city in Eastern Washington and the cultural hub of the Inland Northwest. Known for its rich history and numerous outdoor offerings, Spokane is a city that seamlessly blends urban living with rugged wilderness. It serves as a starting point for exploring the region's natural beauty, including the Spokane River Centennial Trail, Riverside State Park, and the famous Spokane Falls right in the city center. A short drive from the city leads you to Mount Spokane State Park, a 13,919-acre park ideal for camping, hiking, and skiing.

Spokane is not just about natural beauty, though. This city is home to a thriving arts and culture scene, with venues like the Martin Woldson Theater at The Fox and the Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture that showcase the city's history and love for the performing arts. Not to mention, Spokane's rich architectural heritage is reflected in buildings such as the Davenport Hotel and the Monroe Street Bridge. A car journey through the city's historic districts can be a delightful experience for architecture enthusiasts.

Drive far and wide around Spokane, and you'll also discover sightseeing gems such as Manito Park, which boasts five unique gardens, and Green Bluff, a community of family farms that offer pick-your-own fruit experiences. The picturesque landscapes and vineyards surrounding Spokane beckon wine lovers to embark on the Spokane Cork District wine tours or visit the local wineries. In short, exploring Spokane can be a rewarding experience packed with nature, history, culture, and culinary delights.

Spokane Car Rental FAQ

Common Questions about Car Rental in Spokane

1. How much does it cost to rent a car in Spokane?

Renting a car in Spokane varies in cost depending on the car model and the rental duration. On average, the cost is usually between $30 and $70 per day. However, one can get discounted rates for longer rental periods.

2. Which car model is most rented in Spokane?

Spokane has diverse terrain, from city streets to countryside roads. Therefore, compact SUVs are often the most rented cars due to their versatility and fuel efficiency.

3. What are the most popular places to rent a car in Spokane?

The most popular places to rent a car in Spokane include the Spokane International Airport and downtown locations. Specific car rental companies include Hertz, Budget, and Enterprise.

4. Does the car rental service provide 24-hour pick-up and return?

Yes, most car rental companies in Spokane provide 24-hour pick-up and return services. However, this service is normally subject to prior arrangement and may have extra costs.

5. Is there a minimum rental period?

Yes, usually there is a minimum rental period of one day. However, rates can vary depending on the length of the rental.

6. What is the minimum required age to rent a car in Spokane?

The minimum age to rent a car in Spokane is typically 21 years. However, drivers under 25 may be subject to a young driver surcharge.

7. What documents do I need to rent or drive a car in Spokane?

You will need a valid driver's license and a credit card in your name. International drivers may also need an International Driving Permit.

8. When is the best time to visit Spokane by car?

Spokane is beautiful year-round, but many visitors choose to explore the city by car in the summer and fall when the weather is warmer and the scenery is at its most vibrant.

9. What are the main airports in Spokane?

Spokane International Airport is the main airport serving the city. However, Felts Field is another option for private and charter air traffic.

10. Can I pick up the car in Spokane and drop it off in another city?

Yes, many car rental companies in Spokane offer one-way rentals allowing customers to pick up a car in one city and drop it off in another. However, this is subject to availability and may incur additional fees.

Car Hire Reviews


Spokane – 23-11-2023. Splendid experience with the car rental service in Spokane. Their cars are well-maintained and reliable. It was a beautiful drive alongside the Spokane River with all the fall colors. They were also reasonably priced, definitely appreciate the fair rates.


Spokane – 13-09-2023. I rented a car for a trip to Mount Spokane and was surprised by its excellent condition. The rental procedure was quick and easy, and their rates were a pleasant surprise. High-quality service and real value for your money.


Spokane – 29-06-2023. I live in downtown Spokane and often use this car rental for out-of-town trips. They’ve never let me down, always delivering a clean, good-quality car. The staff is congenial and ready to assist. I appreciate their consistency!


Spokane – 02-03-2023. I've used this rental company a few times now, and I love their commitment to customer service. Their cars are reliable and clean, and they have the best prices in Spokane. No hesitations in giving them a high recommendation.


Spokane – 07-12-2022. Trips to Manito Park and Riverfront Park were made comfortable by the high-quality car I rented from here. The car was clean and efficient. The staff was helpful and explained the whole process patiently.


Spokane – 13-11-2022. Living in Spokane Valley and having to travel regularly, I have had the best experiences with this car rental company. Not only are their cars in good condition, their service is also top-notch and professional.

Spokane Roads Guide

Stay Connected, Spokane

  1. Spokane - Seattle: This 370km journey along I-90 E takes up to 4-5 hours depending on traffic and conditions. I-90 E is the main highway for this route.
  2. Spokane - Coeur d'Alene: A relatively short distance of 50km, this drive along I-90 E will take around 40 minutes. It's perfectly paved and very picturesque.
  3. Spokane - Missoula: Enjoy a beautiful 300km drive on I-90 E. Travel time is about 3-4 hours, under optimal conditions.
  4. Spokane - Pullman: A 120km trip along US-195 S can take about 1.5 hours. Expect a well-maintained route with light traffic.
  5. Spokane - Sandpoint: This 120km drive will take about an hour and a half along US-2 E, boasting beautiful nature views.
  6. Spokane - Moses Lake: The 170km journey along I-90 E, is estimated to be around 2 hours. Depending on the conditions of the day, this can fluctuate marginally.
  7. Spokane - Lewiston: A 170km journey on US-195 S/US-95 will take about 2.5 hours, perfect for a day trip adventure.

Spokane Driving Guide

Essential driving information for Spokane visitors

1. Which side of the road do people drive on in Spokane?

Like the rest of the United States, in Spokane, you drive on the right-hand side of the road.

2. What's Spokane's default speed limit?

Unless otherwise posted, in Spokane, the default speed limit is 25 miles per hour in residential areas. On two-lane state highways, the limit is usually 60 mph, and on freeways, it's 70 mph.

3. What is required to drive a car in Spokane?

You must have a valid driver's license to drive a car in Spokane. International visitors may also need an International Driving Permit, depending upon their home country's agreements with the United States.

4. Are there many toll roads around Spokane?

No, there are not many toll roads in the Washington State area. Most highways and interstate freeways are toll-free.

5. Are there speed cameras in Spokane?

Yes, Spokane does utilize speed cameras, particularly in school zones, to enforce speed limits.

6. Do I need to carry my driving license with me all the time while driving?

Yes, you should always have your driving license with you when you are driving, as you may be asked to show it if you are pulled over by the police.

7. How do I interpret Stop signs?

You must come to a complete stop at Stop signs, and wait until the way is clear before proceeding.

8. What is a Yield sign?

A Yield sign means you must slow down and yield to traffic when approaching intersections.

9. Can I make a right turn at a red traffic light?

Yes, unless otherwise indicated, you may turn right on red after coming to a complete stop and confirming the way is clear.

10. Can I park my car anywhere in Spokane?

No, always look for signs indicating parking restrictions. Some areas may require a permit or may be limited to certain hours. Ensure you are not blocking driveways or fire hydrants.

11. Are there specific driving rules in Spokane for pedestrians at crosswalks?

Yes, drivers are always required to stop for pedestrians at crosswalks in Spokane.

12. Are U-turns allowed in Spokane?

Generally, U-turns are allowed at intersections unless signs indicate otherwise. However, never make a U-turn on a curve or near the crest of a hill where you cannot see oncoming traffic.

13. Are there any special driving rules around school buses in Spokane?

Yes, when a school bus displays its flashing red lights, drivers in both directions must stop.

14. How can I learn more about road closures and traffic reports in Spokane?

Local radio stations and online news sites often provide updates on road conditions and traffic in Spokane. You can also check the Washington State Department of Transportation website.

15. What are the rules concerning child safety in cars in Spokane?

All children under the age of 13 are required to ride in the back seat whenever possible. A child under 8 years old, and less than 4 feet 9 inches tall, must use a suitable child restraint system.

Explore Spokane

Top Attractions Around

  1. Riverfront Park: A city park offering a stunning waterfall, Imax theater, and a historic carousel ride.
  2. Manito Park: Renowned for stunning floral displays, perfect for leisurely garden strolls.
  3. Spokane Falls: Spectacular waterfalls in the heart of the city offering enjoyable sightseeing tours.
  4. Northwest Museum of Arts & Culture: Showcases regional history, American Indian culture, and various art collections.
  5. Mount Spokane State Park: Ideal for hiking, cycling & winter sports, it’s a perfect day-out for nature lovers.
  6. The Historic Davenport Hotel: A luxurious, historic hotel offering beautiful architecture and fine dining.
  7. Arbor Crest Wine Cellars: Experience exquisite wine tasting while enjoying wonderful scenic views.
  8. The Bing Crosby Theatre: Offers a variety of multi-cultural events, including concerts and film screenings.

Spokane Roadtrip Routes

Top Scenic Drives from Spokane

  1. Spokane to Glacier National Park: A 350km drive showcasing the beautiful Montanan wilderness and the awe-inspiring Glacier National Park. Don't miss the Going-to-the-Sun Road.
  2. Spokane to Grand Coulee Dam: This is a 160km trip offering views of one of the largest concrete structures in the world, and the beautiful Lake Roosevelt.
  3. Spokane to Palouse Falls State Park: A 230km roundtrip to the magnificent Palouse Falls, perfect for hiking and photography lovers.
  4. North Cascades Scenic Highway: This 700km roundtrip from Spokane offers an incredible view of the Cascades mountains, numerous lakes and the Methow Valley.
  5. Spokane to Coeur d'Alene: Just a short 50km trip east is the resort city of Coeur d'Alene offering a beautiful lake, golf courses, and fantastic dining.
  6. Spokane to Leavenworth: A 460km roundtrip that introduces you to the Bavarian-style village of Leavenworth, with its Alpine-like mountains and German beer.
  7. Spokane to Columbia River Gorge: An approx 640km roundtrip that takes you through some of the continent's most stunning river gorges.