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Car Rental in Philadelphia

Philadelphia: A Blend of History, Art, and Scenic Outskirts

City car in Philadelphia with landmarks and autumn leaves

Known as the inspiration for the iconic film character Rocky and popularly famous for its most celebrated liberty bell, Philadelphia is a city filled with rich history, cultural significance, delectable cuisine, and engaging activities. Straddling the Delaware River, Philadelphia is an amalgamation of influences from different eras, all of which can be seen and experienced in its stunning architecture and diverse neighborhoods. Indulge in the flavorful and mouth-watering hoagies or cheesesteaks, hop into your car and dive deep into the various aspects of this riveting city.

Begin your expedition with the historical Independence National Historical Park, home to the much-heralded Liberty Bell and the elegant Independence Hall. For the art aficionados, the Philadelphia Museum of Art offers an exquisite collection of European paintings, Asian and American art, and armor. If you have a car, a short drive can get you to Valley Forge National Historical Park, a famous Revolutionary War site located just outside Philadelphia's city limits. For some family fun and learning, the Franklin Institute is a highly recommended destination.

Once you've soaked in the city's urban charm, a car ride will take you to the outskirts of Philadelphia, where you can discover a different side of Pennsylvania. Marvel at the scenic beauty of the Longwood Gardens, where landscaped horticultural displays are an absolute visual delight. Further out, you can relish the unique Pennsylvania Dutch culture, crafts, and cuisine in Lancaster County, a comfortable one and a half hour drive from Philadelphia.

Philadelphia Car Rental


1. How much does it cost to rent a car in Philadelphia?

The cost varies depending on the type of vehicle, duration of rental, and any additional features (like GPS or child seats). On average, it can range from $30 to $70 a day.

2. What is the most rented car model in Philadelphia?

The mid-size sedans are typically the most popular rentals in Philadelphia, particularly because of their fuel efficiency and ease of navigating through the city's tight, busy streets.

3. What are the popular locations in Philadelphia to rent a car?

Common pick-up locations include the Philadelphia International Airport, Center City, and University City. Some rental companies also have branches near popular touristic spots.

4. Is there a 24-hour pick-up and drop-off service?

Yes, most car rental companies in Philadelphia offer 24-hour services. However, this might incur additional charges.

5. Is there a minimum rental period?

Usually, there is a one-day minimum rental period. Longer rental periods may qualify for discounted rates.

6. What is the minimum age to rent a car in Philadelphia?

The minimum age to rent a car in Philadelphia is 21 years. However, drivers under the age of 25 may have to pay a 'young driver surcharge.'

7. What documents do I need to rent or drive a car in Philadelphia?

In general, you need a valid driving license, a credit card, and sufficient ID (like a passport for overseas visitors). Proof of insurance may also be required.

8. When is the best time of year to visit Philadelphia by car?

Spring (March through June) and Fall (September through November) are generally the best times. The city is less crowded, and parking is usually easier.

9. What are the main airports in Philadelphia?

The main airport in Philadelphia is the Philadelphia International Airport.

10. Can I pick up the car in Philadelphia and drop it off in a different city?

Yes, most companies offer this flexibility, known as one-way rentals. However, they might charge an extra fee for this convenience.

Car Rental Reviews


Philadelphia – 23-11-2023. Impressive service from this car rental! I was quickly on the road in a clean, reliable car, exploring the City of Brotherly Love. The staff was helpful and personable. Pricing was fair, and I appreciated their honesty about costs.


Philadelphia – 12-10-2023. I reserved a car with this company to visit the famous Philadelphia Museum of Art. The booking process was simple. I also loved their transparent pricing. Smooth rental experience overall. Customer service is clearly a priority here.


Philadelphia – 10-09-2023. I travel often and this car rental experience in Philadelphia was among the best I’ve had. They offer a wide selection of vehicles at reasonable prices. Their staff helped me pick a car that was ideal for navigating the city's historic districts. Well done!


Philadelphia – 23-08-2023. Needed a car to drive around Philadelphia, visiting my grandchildren. Staff at this rental company were understanding and patient with my lack of technical knowledge. They made sure I got a compact car, as I requested. Very satisfied with their service.


Philadelphia – 12-07-2023. Went to Philadelphia for a business trip and rented a car from this company. The process was straightforward and the prices were fair. Their location is convenient if you're in the city center. Good value rental and the car was in excellent condition.


Philadelphia – 30-05-2023. My friend and I hired a car from this company to explore Philadelphia's food scene. Having a car made it so much easier to get around! The whole process was a breeze and the staff even suggested some local spots. The pricing was very competitive.

Philadelphia Road Connections

Navigate Through America's Most Popular Destinations

  1. Philadelphia - New York: A 152-kilometer drive via I-95 N taking about 2 hours. The roads are well maintained with good signage.
  2. Philadelphia - Baltimore: A distance of about 165 km through I-95 S. Approximate driving time is 2 hours. Highways are crowded during peak hours.
  3. Philadelphia - Washington D.C.: Approximately 225 km via I-95 S, usually a 3-hour drive. The roads are busy, especially near Baltimore.
  4. Philadelphia - Atlantic City: It is 97 km via the Atlantic City Expy E. It usually takes about 1 hour 10 minutes. Roads are well indicated and scenic.
  5. Philadelphia - Harrisburg: Approximate distance is 170 km via I-76 W. The drive takes around 2 hours. The toll roads are in excellent condition.
  6. Philadelphia - Allentown: Around 95 km via I-476 N. The roads are reliable and the drive usually takes about 1 hour.
  7. Philadelphia - Pittsburgh: About 505 km via I-76 W. The scenic highways have a travel time of around 5 hours.

Driving in Philadelphia

Common Queries Answered

1. What is the speed limit in Philadelphia?

In Philadelphia, the speed limit in residential areas is generally 25 mph unless otherwise posted. For larger highways outside the city, the speed limit can range from 55 to 65 mph.

2. Can I drive in Philadelphia with a foreign driving license?

Yes, you can drive in Philadelphia and throughout the U.S. with a foreign driving license for a short period. If you are a visitor and possess a valid foreign driver's license, you do not require an International Driving Permit.

3. Where can I find information about tolls in and around Philadelphia?

Toll rates and details for all Pennsylvania toll roads, bridges, and tunnels can be found on the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission's official website.

4. Are there speed cameras in Philadelphia?

Yes, Philadelphia has a network of speed cameras, particularly in school zones where the speed limit is 15 mph. Fines are issued to those exceeding the speed limit by 11 mph or more.

5. Does Philadelphia have specific rules around driving and parking?

Yes, aside from standard U.S. driving laws, Philadelphia has specific local parking regulations. Many streets in the city require drivers to park their cars parallel to the curb, not exceeding 12 inches from it.

6. What are the rules for using carpool lanes in Pennsylvania?

In Pennsylvania, carpool lanes are reserved for cars with two or more occupants during certain times, usually during peak hours. Violation of these rules can result in fines.

7. Is it allowed to turn right at a red light in Philadelphia?

Yes, you may turn right at a red light in Philadelphia unless a sign specifically prohibits it. You must come to a complete stop before proceeding and yield to oncoming traffic and pedestrians.

8. Do pedestrians have right of way in Philadelphia?

Yes, in Pennsylvania, pedestrians have the right of way at all intersections and driveways.

9. Which side of the road does one drive on in Philadelphia?

In Philadelphia, like the rest of the U.S., driving is on the right-hand side of the road.

10. What are the consequences for speeding in Philadelphia?

In Philadelphia, the consequences of speeding can range from fines and points on your driver's license to court appearances and potential imprisonment for repeat or severe offenses.

11. How can I avoid traffic in Philadelphia?

Using live traffic update services and planning your travel outside of peak times can help to avoid traffic in the city.

12. Are there any road signs unique to Philadelphia or Pennsylvania?

While most signs in Pennsylvania follow standard U.S. patterns, some local variations exist. For instance, a 'Keystone' marker indicates a historically significant location.

13. Is a child safety seat required in Philadelphia?

Yes, children under the age of 2 must be secured in a rear-facing child safety seat.

14. What are the rules for driving in bad weather conditions in Philadelphia?

During bad weather conditions, drivers should slow down, increase their following distance, and use headlights. In extreme cases, travel may be advised against.

15. What should I do if I’m involved in a car accident in Philadelphia?

If involved in an accident, stop at the scene, exchange information with the other driver, and report the accident to the police. If anyone is injured, immediately call 911.

Philly Must-Sees

Top 8 Attractions Near Philadelphia

  1. The Liberty Bell: An iconic symbol of American independence located in the Liberty Bell Center.
  2. Independence Hall: The birthplace of the United States Constitution and Declaration of Independence.
  3. Philadelphia Museum of Art: Renowned for its astounding collection of artworks and the 'Rocky Steps'.
  4. Reading Terminal Market: A historic farmers market offering diverse cuisine and unique specialties.
  5. The Franklin Institute: An engaging science museum ideal for kids and adults.
  6. Philadelphia Zoo: America's first zoo housing over 1,300 animals, great for family visits.
  7. Eastern State Penitentiary: A former prison now a fascinating museum of penal history.
  8. Valley Forge National Historical Park: A sprawling park ideal for hiking and learning about America’s Revolutionary War.

Unforgettable Road Trips

Your Guide for Road Adventures from Philadelphia

  1. Philadelphia to Niagara Falls: An almost 650km journey that takes you through the history-rich states of Pennsylvania and New York. Notable stops could include Lancaster, Hershey, and Watkins Glen.
  2. The Grand Loop: This 1,530km trip lets you experience the majesty of the Appalachian Mountains. Major sights include the Pocono Mountains, Shenandoah National Park and the Blue Ridge Parkway.
  3. Atlantic City Excursion: A short but sweet 97km journey from Philadelphia to the beachfront city known for its casinos and iconic boardwalk.
  4. Historic Route 1: Covering around 560km, this trip through America’s past includes stops like Baltimore, Washington D.C., and the historic site of Fort McHenry.
  5. The Pennsylvania Wilds: Get back to nature on this 500km drive. Highlights of the route are the Allegheny National Forest, Cherry Springs State Park, and the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon.
  6. Scenic Route 6: A beautiful 650km drive crossing Northern Pennsylvania from the Ohio border to the Delaware River, with picturesque small towns and state parks along the way.
  7. Ocean Drive to Cape May: Enjoy some beach time on this 130km trip. Follow the coastline to the delightful seaside town of Cape May.