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Experience the joy of exploring Pigeon Forge with our car rental service. Our exceptional customer support team is dedicated to providing you with superior service, ensuring your journey is seamless. From visiting The Island in Pigeon Forge to immersing in the spectacular Smoky Mountains, our car rental service makes it all hassle-free. Enjoy phenomenal Pigeon Forge, we handle the travel logistics.

Car Rental in Pigeon Forge

Embrace the Thrill and Tranquillity of this Mountain City

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Welcome to Pigeon Forge, a mountain town nestled in the Great Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee. This versatile destination offers a unique blend of natural beauty, thrilling adventures, and homespun charm. With its breathtaking mountain views, numerous outdoor activities, and dynamic entertainment options, Pigeon Forge is an amazing place waiting to be discovered.

One of the top attractions in Pigeon Forge is Dollywood, a family-friendly theme park co-owned by country music legend, Dolly Parton. A short car ride takes you to Great Smoky Mountains National Park, offering numerous hiking trails, scenic drives, and an unsurpassed encounter with nature. Travelling in your car allows complete freedom to explore and enjoy the different attractions, both in the city and its surrounding areas.

A visit to Pigeon Forge is not just about attractions and nature, however, it's also about experiencing the city's rich history. Pigeon Forge's Old Mill, a historic gristmill, is an iconic landmark that takes you back in time. Moreover, a car ride along the city's Scenic Parkway showcases magnificent mountain backdrops and classic Southern architecture. The city's closeness to all these attractions helps to shorten driving times and enhances the holiday experience.

Car Rental FAQ

Pigeon Forge Edition

1. How much does it cost to rent a car in Pigeon Forge?

The cost to rent a car in Pigeon Forge varies greatly depending on different factors such as the type of the car, the duration of the rental, and the season. Average prices range from $30 to $150 per day. It is always recommended to check the prices on our website for the most accurate quotes.

2. Which car model is most often rented in Pigeon Forge?

The SUV is the most popular rent car in Pigeon Forge. Its size and capacity make it perfect for family trips in this area, renowned for its outdoor activities like the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

3. What are the most popular locations to rent a car in Pigeon Forge?

The most popular locations to rent a car in Pigeon Forge are at the airports, such as Knoxville's McGhee Tyson Airport or Asheville Regional Airport, and in downtown Pigeon Forge.

4. Is a 24-hour pickup and return service available?

Yes, our service provides 24-hour car pickup and return in Pigeon Forge. The exact details depend on the specific rental location.

5. What's the minimum rental period?

The minimum rental period is usually 24 hours. However, we do offer hourly rates under special circumstances.

6. What is the minimum age to rent a car in Pigeon Forge?

The minimum age to rent a car in Pigeon Forge is 21 years old, although this can vary depending on the rental company's policy.

7. What documents are required to rent or drive a car in Pigeon Forge?

Primary renters must present a valid driver's license, a credit or debit card in their own name, and proof of full-coverage insurance.

8. What's the best time of year to visit Pigeon Forge by car?

The best time to visit Pigeon Forge by car is in the fall, when the Smoky Mountains provide a beautiful, colorful backdrop.

9. What are the main airports in Pigeon Forge?

The closest major airports to Pigeon Forge are Knoxville's McGhee Tyson Airport and Asheville Regional Airport.

10. Can I pick up the car in Pigeon Forge and drop it off in a different city?

Yes, we offer one-way rentals. You can pick up the car in Pigeon Forge and drop it off at any of our locations nationwide. Additional fees may apply.

Car Rental Reviews


Pigeon Forge – 30-11-2023. Unparalleled service and clean cars were what made my experience with this car rental at Pigeon Forge quite interesting. Additionally, the rental price was incredibly fair compared to others in town. Would use them again in future.


Pigeon Forge – 23-11-2023. I'm impressed with the level of customer service provided during our car rental in Pigeon Forge. The pricing was also reasonable, and we had a wide array of cars to select from. Overall, it was a pleasant experience.


Pigeon Forge – 10-10-2023. Renting a car from this Pigeon Forge company was super easy. The staff was friendly and very helpful. I enjoyed driving through the scenic routes of the Smoky Mountains in a comfortable, well-maintained car. Fair pricing too.


Pigeon Forge – 03-09-2023. Highly recommend this car rental in Pigeon Forge. The process was smooth, the car was in excellent condition and the service was top-notch. Enjoyed cruising across the town and beyond. A rewarding experience indeed!


Pigeon Forge – 29-08-2023. Rented a car from this company while vacationing in Pigeon Forge. Loved the excellent customer service and the wide variety of cars to choose from. Had a great time exploring the city! Highly satisfied!


Pigeon Forge – 01-07-2023. I rented a car in Pigeon Forge. Everything from start to finish was hassle-free. Pleasant staff and excellent service. The car was clean and in top condition. Enabled me to enjoy my trip more! A good rental service indeed.

Road Connections

Connecting Pigeon Forge

  1. Pigeon Forge - Gatlinburg: A quick 15-minute drive to the neighbouring city via US-321 S offers a 13.6 kilometer scenic route with smooth road conditions.
  2. Pigeon Forge - Great Smoky Mountains National Park: Just 9 kilometers away via River Road, this forest route takes around 22 minutes with rich flora and fauna sightseeing opportunities.
  3. Pigeon Forge - Knoxville: The 60 kilometer route primarily via US-441 S and I-40 W takes approximately 1 hour to drive, featuring serene views.
  4. Pigeon Forge - Asheville: Asheville is located 145 kilometers away via I-40 E, a scenic 2-hour drive passing through the picturesque Great Smoky Mountains.
  5. Pigeon Forge - Nashville: A 360 kilometer drive primarily via I-40 W, taking around 3.5 hours, a road trip to Music City offers picturesque spots enroute.
  6. Pigeon Forge - Chattanooga: This 225 kilometer, 2.5-hour route via I-75 S winds through beautiful countryside landscapes.
  7. Pigeon Forge - Dollywood: A mere 10-minute drive covering 4.6 kilometers via Veterans Blvd offers an easy route to this famous theme park.

Drive Smart

Pigeon Forge, USA

1. Which side of the road do we drive on in Pigeon Forge?

In the United States, including Pigeon Forge, cars are driven on the right-hand side of the road.

2. What is the speed limit in Pigeon Forge?

Speed limits in Pigeon Forge can vary depending on the type of road. Major highways can have speed limits of 65-70 mph, while residential areas typically limit speeds to 25-35 mph. Always look out for posted speed limit signs.

3. Do I need an International Driving Permit to drive in Pigeon Forge?

If you have a valid driving license from your home country and it’s in English, you can drive in Pigeon Forge and the rest of the USA. However, if your license isn’t in English, you should obtain an International Driving Permit.

4. What should I know about toll roads while driving in Pigeon Forge and around USA?

The USA has both toll and toll-free roads. Most tolls accept credit cards, cash, or payment through an electronic system like E-Zpass. The prices vary, so it’s a good idea to plan your route in advance.

5. Are speed cameras used in Pigeon Forge?

Speed cameras are used in various parts of the USA, including Pigeon Forge, as a measure to enforce speed limits and ensure road safety.

6. Are parking rules strictly enforced in Pigeon Forge?

Yes, parking rules are strictly enforced. Always ensure you're parked in a designated area and be sure to pay any metered charges.

7. How is the traffic in Pigeon Forge?

Traffic can be dense, especially during rush hour and peak tourist season. It is always advisable to plan extra time for your travel.

8. Is aggressive driving common in Pigeon Forge?

Aggressive driving is discouraged everywhere, including Pigeon Forge. It’s important to remain calm and patient, and obey all traffic laws.

9. Do I always have to stop for school buses in Pigeon Forge?

Yes, when a school bus has stopped and has flashing red lights activated, all vehicles must stop from either direction until the lights are turned off.

10. Are there many unmanned rail crossings?

There are unmanned rail crossings in and around Pigeon Forge. You should always slow down and stop at these crossings if a train is approaching.

11. Are there specific laws around driving in school zones?

In school zones, the speed limit is usually reduced, and drivers are expected to be particularly cautious and observant. These zones are typically clearly marked with signs.

12. Is it important to use the car’s signals when driving?

Yes, it is important to use your car’s signals when turning or changing lanes to alert other drivers of your intentions.

13. Are there any special rules for driving on the highways?

On highways, slower traffic should keep right, with the left lanes typically reserved for passing. Also, always abide by the speed limits and keep a safe distance between vehicles.

14. Is it common for roads to shut down due to snow in the winter?

In Pigeon Forge, snowfall can occasionally cause road closures. It's always good to check the local weather forecast before setting off.

15. Are there significant differences between driving in Pigeon Forge and other parts of the USA?

The basics of driving in Pigeon Forge are similar to the rest of the USA, with driving on the right-hand side and similar roadway rules. However, it is always advisable to familiarise yourself with local signs and driving customs.

Discover Pigeon Forge

Top 8 Must-Visit Attractions

  1. Dollywood: This world-famous theme park, created by Dolly Parton, offers thrilling rides, live entertainment, and delicious food.
  2. The Island in Pigeon Forge: A shopping, dining, and entertainment complex featuring a 200 ft tall ferris wheel.
  3. Great Smoky Mountains National Park: Just a short car drive away, ideal for hiking, camping, and breathtaking views.
  4. Smoky Mountain Alpine Coaster: The longest downhill ride in the US with beautiful Smoky Mountains scenery.
  5. Titanic Museum: A two-story museum shaped like the Titanic, housing artefacts from the ship.
  6. Parrot Mountain and Gardens: A tropical paradise with hundreds of beautiful tropical birds and lush gardens.
  7. Pigeon Forge Snow: An indoor snow facility offering year-round tubing, and snow play areas.
  8. Country Tonite Theatre: Award-winning country music show ideal for the whole family.

Pigeon Forge Roadtrips

Your driving guide around Pigeon Forge region

  1. Blue Ridge Parkway: This stunning 755-kilometer route starts from the Shenandoah National Park to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, passing by beautiful forests and panoramic views.
  2. Cherohala Skyway: The Cherohala Skyway is a 66-kilometer drive that meanders through the Cherokee and Nantahala National Forests, offering breathtaking mountain scenery.
  3. The Tail of the Dragon: This daring 17-kilometer drive with 318 curves is a top choice for thrill-seekers. It's a short but unforgettable route through the Great Smoky Mountains.
  4. Natchez Trace Parkway: This significant historic and scenic parkway runs 708 kilometers from Nashville, Tennessee to Natchez, Mississippi, crossing beautiful landscapes and pathways.
  5. Newfound Gap Road: A picturesque 50-kilometer drive, it takes you through the heart of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, with gorgeous overlooks and a variety of wildlife on view.
  6. The Foothills Parkway: A 26-kilometer trip that provides spectacular views of the Great Smoky Mountains on one side and the Tennessee valley on the other.
  7. Roman's Road: This underrated 24-kilometer route starts and ends in Pigeon Forge, covering the city’s most important landmarks and beautiful rustic farmlands.