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Enjoy unparalleled customer service with our car rental agency in Norway. We guarantee swift and efficient service, ensuring you are on your journey to spectacular sights like the fjords in no time. Our team is always available to provide support, answer any queries and tailor your booking to your specific needs. Experience the breathtaking Norwegian landscapes with us.

Car Rental in Norway

Prepare to be Mesmerized by Norway's Majestic Landscape

Coche de ciudad entre lago noruego, montañas y aves

Known for its stunning fjords, dazzling Northern Lights, and picturesque coastal scenery, Norway offers an unforgettable road trip experience. With excellent roads and awe-inspiring nature, a journey by car unravels the most spectacular sights and experiences in this Nordic gem. From the culturally rich capital, Oslo, to the breathtaking wilderness of the Lofoten Islands, one can enjoy Norway's beauty while exploring the country via well-maintained highways.

A drive along the 106-mile-long Geiranger-Trollstigen National Tourist Route brings you to quaint villages, historic sites, and amazing panoramic views of fjords and waterfalls. Further north, another rewarding car trip is found on the Atlantic Ocean Road, which flaunts polished landscapes of Norwegian coastal life, offering a vista of rugged islands and wildlife.

For those in search of more, the spectacular landscapes of Hardangervidda – Europe's largest mountain plateau and home of Norway's largest national park - make it a natural choice for road trippers. Meanwhile, the thriving city of Tromsø is a 350-mile scenic drive north from the picturesque Lofoten Islands. The scenic route is punctuated by dramatic mountain ranges, charming fishing villages, and stunning vistas of fjords and the Northern Lights. Truly, a car journey across Norway is an adventure of a lifetime, presenting an unmatched blend of history, culture, and awe-inspiring natural beauty.

Car Rental in Norway

Frequent Queries

1. How much does it cost to rent a car in Norway?

The cost of renting a car in Norway varies widely depending on factors such as the type of car, the rental duration, and the rental location. Typically, the daily rental rates range from $60 for economy cars to over $200 for luxury vehicles.

2. What car model is most sought after for rental in Norway?

Compact and economy cars, such as the Volkswagen Golf, are often the most popular choices for car rentals in Norway. This is largely due to their fuel efficiency and ease of driving in Norway's narrow and winding roads. SUVs are also popular for those planning to venture into the mountainous terrains.

3. What are popular places to rent a car in Norway?

Most car rentals in Norway are picked up from major cities like Oslo, Bergen, and Stavanger. Oslo Airport and Bergen Airport also have a large number of car rental agencies.

4. Is there a 24-hour pick-up and return service?

Yes, most car rental companies in Norway offer 24-hour pick-up and return services, particularly at airports. However, it's always wise to check this in advance with the specific car rental agency.

5. Is there a minimum rental period?

Yes, most car rental companies in Norway require a minimum rental period, usually starting from one day.

6. What is the minimum age to rent a car in Norway?

The minimum age to rent a car in Norway is typically 19 years, but some car rental companies may require renters to be at least 21 or 25 years old, especially for certain vehicle types.

7. What documents do I need to rent or drive a car in Norway?

To rent a car in Norway, you will need a valid driving license from your home country and an International Driving Permit if your license isn't in English. Additionally, you may need to provide a passport, a credit card for vehicle deposit, and proof of insurance.

8. What is the best time of year to visit Norway by car?

Summer (June - August) is the best time to explore Norway by car as the weather is more favorable and all tourist attractions are usually open. However, for winter sports and Northern Lights, visit in winter (December - February).

9. What are the main airports in Norway?

The main airports in Norway are Oslo Airport, Bergen Airport, and Stavanger Airport.

10. Can I pick up the car in one city in Norway and return it in another?

Yes, most car rental companies in Norway offer one-way rentals. However, there is usually an additional one-way fee to cover the cost of returning the car to its original location.

Car Rental Reviews


Oslo – 14-10-2023. Couldn't have had a smoother experience booking a car with this company. The employees were significantly hospitable, and the car was in excellent condition. The prices were a total bargain considering the outstanding service provided. Would highly recommend!


Stavanger – 25-09-2023. Renting a car from this company was a breeze! The process was quick and efficient, and the staff took time to explain all the details of the contract. The car we got was up to date and clean. Definitely on the affordable end when it comes to rental prices in Norway. I will be using them again.


Bergen – 09-08-2023. I was pretty sceptical at first due to the low booking price, but was pleasantly surprised. The car was clean, comfortable and rode smoothly. Customer service was helpful and friendly. If you're considering renting a car in Bergen, definitely give this company a chance. Value for your money is unrivalled.


Trondheim – 16-07-2023. From the ease of booking my rental car online to picking up and dropping off, this company provided outstanding service at an affordable price. The car was great to drive, and the added GPS option was an added bonus. Great service at a cost-effective price.


Tromso – 21-06-2023. If you're looking for a reliable car, excellent customer service, and the best price in town, look no further. This company exceeded my expectations. The car I rented was perfect for my vacation. I can't wait to rent from them again! Simply the best for convenience and cost.

Norway's Marvels

The 7 Most Important Cities

  1. Oslo: The capital of Norway and economic and governmental hub of the nation.
  2. Bergen: Known for the Bryggen Hanseatic Wharf, fjords and surrounding mountains.
  3. Stavanger: The center of the oil industry in Norway and a city with a rich cultural scene.
  4. Trondheim: Another former capital, it's home to the Nidaros Cathedral and host of major music festivals.
  5. Drammen: Known for blending modern culture with its rich, industrial history and its car museum.
  6. Fredrikstad: Famous for its well-preserved fortress town and the closest city to Oslo from the southern border.
  7. Tromsø: Known as the 'Gateway to the Arctic', offering Midnight Sun, Polar Nights and Northern Lights.

Norway Road Connections

Exploring Norway with Convenience and Flexibility

  1. Oslo - Bergen: A 466-kilometre drive taking approximately 7 hours via the E16, offering magnificent views of the fjords.
  2. Oslo - Stavanger: Covering 556 kilometres for about 7 hours and 30 minutes via the E18 and E39 roads, known for its lush green landscapes.
  3. Oslo - Trondheim: A 495-kilometre journey that can be completed in 6 hours 30 minutes via the E6, boasting stunning lakeside views.
  4. Bergen - Stavanger: A 210-kilometre drive taking about 4 hours 30 minutes via E39, famous for its breathtaking coastal views.
  5. Oslo - Tromsø: A long journey of 1,680 kilometres, taking approximately 21 hours via E6, ideal for avid adventurers enjoying long road trips.
  6. Oslo - Kristiansand: A breezy 320-kilometre drive lasting about 4 hours via E18, surrounded by beautiful rivers and countryside.
  7. Bergen - Ålesund: A 388-kilometer road trip taking about 6 hours via E39 and E136, offering opportunities to experience the stunning fjord landscapes.

Driving in Norway

Common Concerns and Information

1. Which side of the road do you drive on in Norway?

In Norway, motorists drive on the right-hand side of the road.

2. What are the usual speed limits in Norway?

The general speed limit on Norwegian motorways is 110 km/h, on open roads it's 80 km/h, and in urban areas it's 50 km/h, unless otherwise indicated.

3. Do I need a specific driving license to drive in Norway?

A valid driving license from any country is acceptable for up to three months in Norway, but an International Driving Permit is recommended if your license is not in English.

4. Are there many toll roads in Norway?

Yes, there are many toll roads in Norway and most of them are automatic. You will be billed later or can use the AutoPass system.

5. Are there rules for winter driving in Norway?

Yes, from November to April or from October to May in northern areas, it is mandatory to have winter tires with or without studs.

6. Are there radar controls on Norwegian roads?

Yes, speed cameras (radar controls) exist on certain parts of the Norwegian road network.

7. What should I do, if I'm involved in a traffic accident?

If there are no injuries, and the cars are drivable, they should as far as possible be moved out of the way of traffic. Regardless of the circumstances, always report any accident to the police.

8. Are service stations widely available in Norway?

Service stations are widely available, but in remote areas, make sure to have a full tank as stations can be distant from each other.

9. Can I use a hand-held GPS device while driving in Norway?

Yes, you can use a GPS device. But, like in many other countries, it is illegal to manipulate it while driving.

10. What are the rules about honking the horn?

In Norway, you should only use your car horn to alert others of any danger. Unnecessary honking can be subject to fines.

11. How are the roads in Norway during the winter?

The roads in Norway during the winter can be challenging due to snow and ice. Therefore, it's compulsory to have winter tires from November to April.

12. Are reflector vests mandatory in a car in Norway?

Yes, according to Norwegian law, there should be at least one reflector vest in each car for emergencies.

13. Are there pedestrian crossings?

Yes, there are and pedestrians generally have priority over cars at marked crossings that do not have a traffic light.

14. What are the rules about parking in Norway?

Parking regulations are strictly enforced in Norway. Look out for signs and always consider whether you are allowed to park before leaving your car.

15. Is it allowed to drive off-road in Norway?

No, driving off-road is generally not allowed in Norway to protect the environment. Where it is possible, there will be clear signs indicating that it is a permitted activity.

Top Norway Attractions

Essential sites for your road trip

  1. The Norwegian Fjords: Stunning natural beauty with crystal clear waters and breathtaking cliffs.
  2. Olympic ski Jump, Oslo: The Holmenkollen ski jump offers fantastic city views and a skiing museum.
  3. The Lofoten Islands: Known for traditional fishing villages and midnight sun phenomena during summer.
  4. Viking Ship Museum, Oslo: Showcases well preserved Viking ships and artifacts.
  5. Geirangerfjord: Known for its impressive waterfalls, this fjord is a UNESCO World Heritage site.
  6. Fram Museum, Oslo: Houses the world's most famous polar ship, Fram.
  7. Atlantic Ocean Road: This stunning coastal road is a favourite among drivers worldwide.
  8. Jotunheimen National Park: Perfect for outdoor activities like hiking and climbing amidst Norway’s highest peaks.

Norwegian Roadtrips

Experience Norway by Car

  1. Norway's Atlantic Road: This scenic 8.3 km route crosses stunning bridges and islands, offering breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean, and the hustling wildlife. Recommended stops include the Storseisundet Bridge and Eldhusøya island.
  2. Trollstigen Mountain Road: Known as the 'Troll's Path', this 106 km road winds through deep fjords, steep cliffs and waterfalls. Highlights include the Stigfossen Waterfall and the Trollstigen Visitor Centre.
  3. Oslo to Bergen: Take a 480 km drive from Oslo to Bergen, passing through the Hallingdal Valley, the Hardangervidda National Park and the charming town of Flåm. Don't miss the Flåm Railway and Bruravik-Brimnes ferry crossing.
  4. Sognefjellet National Tourist Route: Covering 108 km, this is Norway's highest mountain pass offering iconic views of Jotunheimen National Park and Galdhøpiggen, Norway's highest mountain.
  5. Senja National Tourist Route: A 102 km route across Norway's second largest island, Senja. Experience dramatic coastal landscapes, verdant hills and panoramic views of the Norwegian Sea.
  6. The Old Strynefjell Mountain Road: This 27 km drive is a blast from the past. The gravelled road and untouched nature make it a unique driving experience. Sweet stops include the Videseter Hotel and the Oppljostunnelen tunnel.
  7. The Helgeland Coast Route: This expansive 433 km route passes through UNESCO protected Vega Islands and the Arctic Circle. Key attractions are The Seven Sisters Mountain Range and Torghatten Mountain.