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Car Rental in Montreal

Exploring Montreal's Highlights and Nearby Destinations

City car amidst Montreal landmarks, people enjoying sunset.

Welcome to Montreal, one of the most vibrant cities in North America. With its rich history, diverse culture, and vibrant nightlife, this city on the island of Montreal is a must-visit destination. While the city's public transportation is excellent, exploring Montreal and its surroundings by car can take your travel experience to another level. This will provide you an opportunity to relish the city's beautiful scenic drives and explore hidden gems at your own pace.

Start your journey in the heart of the city, the Old Montreal, one of the oldest urban areas in North America. Here, you can witness the city's rich history through its preserved historic buildings. As you navigate through the city's traffic, you will find the iconic Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, one of the most renowned art institutions in the world. After spending a day in the city, you can head to Mount Royal Park, offering stunning views of the city skyline.

For those who love road trips, a drive to Charlevoix, about 4 hours northeast of Montreal, is highly recommended. Here you can witness the majestic landscape of this meteorite impact crater turned biosphere reserve. Likewise, Quebec City, under 3 hours drive from Montreal, is an ideal place to experience the unique blend of Canada's French and English influences.

Car Rentals in Montreal

Frequently asked questions

1. What is the cost of renting a car in Montreal?

The cost of renting a car in Montreal largely depends on the brand and model of the car, the rental period and the season. However, on an average, the daily rental cost is approximately $45-60. A substantial discount is typically offered for longer rental periods.

2. Which car model is the most popular in Montreal?

In Montreal, the most frequently rented car models are mid-size sedans and SUVs. The reason for this is the need to navigate through the heavy snow during winter – which is a climate particularity of this location.

3. Where are the popular locations to rent a car in Montreal?

Popular locations to rent a car in Montreal include downtown Montreal and Montreal’s Pierre-Elliott-Trudeau International Airport.

4. Is there a 24-hour pickup and drop-off service?

Yes, many car rental companies in Montreal provide 24-hour pickup and drop-off services but confirm with the company in advance.

5. So, what's the minimum rental period?

Typically, there is a one-day minimum rental period. Terms and policies can vary among different rental companies.

6. What is the minimum age requirement for renting a car in Montreal?

The minimum age to rent a car in Montreal is typically 21 years old, but policies can vary among different rental companies. Some also require a surcharge for drivers under the age of 25.

7. What documents do I need to rent or drive a car in Montreal?

A valid driver’s license and credit card are required to rent a car. International travelers will also need an International Driving Permit.

8. When is the best time of year to visit Montreal by car?

Summer and early fall are the best times to visit Montreal by car. The weather during these seasons is mild and pleasant, making the driving experience more enjoyable. Winter visits can be challenging due to heavy snowfall.

9. What are the main airports in Montreal?

The two main airports in Montreal are the Montreal-Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport and Montréal Saint-Hubert Longueuil Airport.

10. Can I pick up the car in Montreal and drop it off in another city?

Yes, many car rental companies in Montreal allow one-way rentals, meaning you can pick up the car in Montreal and drop it off in another city. Fees and restrictions may apply, so it’s best to check with the company beforehand.

Car Rental Reviews


Montreal – 22-11-2023. The overall rental experience was pretty good. Picked up a car from their Montreal location last November. The car was in great condition and I didn't face any issues during my trip. Montreal's winter can be real tough but the car handled the snow like a champ. Prices were reasonable as well. Will rent again from them for sure.


Montreal – 16-10-2023. I had to hire a car in Montreal last October and went with this company. The reservation process was simple and straightforward. As a history enthusiast, I appreciated the fact that the car included GPS which made it easy to navigate the historic districts of Montreal. The price was above average but worth it for the overall service.


Montreal – 20-09-2023. My wife and I rented a minivan for our family trip in Montreal. Good and professional service. The car was well-maintained, making our journey around Mount Royal Park smooth and comfortable. They did live up to the expectations for the price we paid.


Montreal – 28-07-2023. We chose to rent a car from this company for our visit to Montreal Botanical Garden. Things went without a hitch! The staff was courteous and car was clean. The fuel terms could've been clearer, but the price was still worth it.


Montreal – 25-06-2023. Rented a car for a business meeting in Montreal. Simple booking process and the car was ready when I arrived. Got a smooth ride through Notre-Dame Street. A little pricey but good service overall.


Montreal – 02-05-2023. Used their car rental service last spring. The process was seamless and the staff was friendly. The car was perfect for exploring the charming streets of Old Montreal. Can't say it was cheap, but for the ease and comfort, it was a fair deal.

Montreal Road Connections

Driving Directions for Tourists

  1. Montreal - Ottawa: A 200 km drive that takes about 2 hours via Autoroute 40 W, the road conditions are generally good with plenty of food and rest stops along the way.
  2. Montreal - Quebec City: A 250 km journey along Autoroute 20 expected to take 2.5 hours. The road offers scenic views and it is well-maintained.
  3. Montreal - Toronto: This is a 545 km trip via ON-401 W that lasts for about 5.5 hours. The road can get busy but it is well-serviced.
  4. Montreal - Sherbrooke: A 158 km drive that takes about 1.5 hours via Autoroute 10 E. It's a convenient route for a nice day trip with beautiful roadside scenery.
  5. Montreal - Magog: It's a 125 km drive from Montreal expected to last 1.5 hours via Autoroute 10 E. The roads are in good condition with stunning nature views along the way.
  6. Montreal - Trois-Rivières: It's a 130 km drive, taking about 1.5 hours via Autoroute 40 E. The road is typically clear and the route offers nice views.
  7. Montreal - Gatineau: A 200 km drive along Autoroute 50 that lasts about 2.5 hours. The road conditions are good and along the way you can admire the Ottawa River.

Driving in Montreal

Frequently Asked Questions

1. On which side of the road do cars drive in Montreal?

Montreal, like the rest of Canada, drives on the right side of the road.

2. What is the standard speed limit in Montreal?

The standard speed limit in Montreal varies depending on the location. In city areas, the limit is commonly 50km/h, and on some main roads and highways, it can go up to 100km/h.

3. Do I need an International Driving Permit (IDP) to drive in Montreal?

If your driver's license is not written in English or French, you might need an International Driving Permit along with your valid national driving license.

4. Are there many speed cameras in Montreal?

Yes, there are speed cameras in Montreal and they are often located in school zones, construction sites and accident-prone areas.

5. What is the rule about giving way in Montreal?

As a rule, Montreal drivers must yield to pedestrians, bicycles, and vehicles already in the roundabout.

6. Is parking easily available in Montreal?

Parking in Montreal can be a challenge, especially in the downtown area. It's a good idea to research parking options before your trip.

7. Are there toll roads in Montreal?

Yes, there are a few toll roads in Montreal. These include Highway 30 and the A25 bridge.

8. Is road rage common in Montreal?

While occasional instances of road rage may occur, as they do everywhere, Montreal is generally known for having courteous and patient drivers.

9. Are there any specific driving rules in Montreal that differ from other regions in Canada?

One unique rule is that in Montreal, you are not allowed to turn right on a red light, which is different than most other provinces.

10. Is Montreal's traffic heavy in general?

Traffic in Montreal is known to be particularly congested during rush hours and on major highways, similar to many other large cities.

11. How safe are the roads in Montreal?

Montreal's roads are generally safe, but like any city, it does have its share of accidents. It's important to always adhere to road rules and regulations.

12. How to deal with road construction in Montreal?

Road construction is common in Montreal, so it's recommended to pay close attention to road signs and diversions.

13. What is the minimum age to drive in Montreal?

The legal minimum age to drive in Montreal is 16.

14. What are the rules about driving in winter conditions in Montreal?

Winter tires are mandatory on all vehicles from December 1 to March 15. Additionally, always adjust your speed to the weather conditions.

15. Are there many one-way streets in Montreal?

Yes, Montreal has a large number of one-way streets so it is important for drivers to always check road signs.

Explore Montreal

Top 8 Tourist Attractions

  1. Old Montreal: Known for its historic buildings dating back to the 17th century.
  2. Notre-Dame Basilica: A stunning example of Gothic Revival architecture.
  3. Mount Royal: An urban park with stunning city views, perfect for hiking.
  4. Montreal Botanical Gardens: One of the world's top botanical gardens with 22,000 species.
  5. Montreal Museum of Fine Arts: The city's most prestigious art institution with a vast collection.
  6. St. Joseph's Oratory: Canada's largest church with spectacular city views.
  7. Olympic Park: Home to several attractions including the Montreal Biodome and the Olympic Tower.
  8. Lachine Canal National Historic Site: A scenic spot for biking, kayaking or simply relaxing.

Montreal Roadtrips

Experience Canada’s Beauty by Car

  1. Montreal to Quebec City: A classic route that takes you through the beautiful rural landscape of Quebec, boasting lavish rivers, forests and hills. The trip is about 253 kilometers.
  2. The Cabot Trail, Cape Breton Island: An Atlantic journey across Nova Scotia, Cape Breton Island. It’s about 300 kilometres with breathtaking ocean views, cliffside hiking trails, and Celtic culture.
  3. Montreal to Ottawa: Journey through the cultural and historic capitals of Canada. The trip is around 200 kilometers leading to numerous museums, parliament buildings, and the Rideau Canal.
  4. Montreal to Toronto: This route allows you to explore Canada's most populous city, with attractions like the CN Tower and Niagara Falls en route. You will cover approximately 541km on this trip.
  5. Montreal to The Laurentians: A quick, picturesque 80 kilometers getaway north from Montreal, with a mix of outdoor activities, refined dining, and luxury spas.
  6. The Icefields Parkway, Jasper to Banff: A famous route through the heart of the Rocky Mountains offering some of the world's most scenic vistas. This trip covers over 230 kilometers.
  7. Montreal to Gaspésie: This roadtrip to the tip of the Gaspé Peninsula, including a detour to the stunning Percé Rock, will give you a real maritime Canada experience. It spans around 1000 kilometers.