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Car Rental in Montana

Immersing Yourself in Montana's Beautiful Landscape and Rich Heritage

City car depicted amidst beautiful Montana landscape

Montana, often referred to as the 'Last Best Place', is a state of wide-open spaces, striking landscapes, and abundant wildlife. The scenic drives through Montana's countryside, such as the famed Going-to-the-Sun Road of Glacier National park gives you an opportunity to appreciate the unspoiled beauty in a way that no other means can. There are many panoramic overlooks where you can stop your car and wander around.

While travelling by car, the vastness of the state becomes quite apparent; it does not lack for attractions spread across its breadth. The journey through Yellowstone National Park alone could take several days with over 350 miles of roads to traverse. As the nation's first national park, it’s home to a large variety of wildlife including grizzly bears, wolves, and herds of elk. The world-renowned Montana park brings travellers closer than ever to nature.

The journey continues to the vibrant city life of Billings and the historical landmarks of Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument. Billings offers a unique blend of comfortable city living within easy distance of an idyllic, natural setting. Montana is a diverse and captivating state, from the snow-covered Rocky Mountains to the endless Great Plains, it all paints an unforgettably authentic picture of the American West.

Car Rental in Montana

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does it cost to rent a car in Montana?

The cost of renting a car in Montana typically ranges from $30 to $70 per day. These prices depend on the type of car, rental duration, and rental company.

2. What car model is most popular for rental in Montana?

SUVs and Pick-ups are the most rented models in Montana. These types of vehicles are highly suitable for Montana's terrain and the state's outdoor lifestyle.

3. What are the popular locations for car rentals in Montana?

The most popular places for car rental in Montana are Billings, Missoula, Bozeman, and Helena.

4. Is there 24-hour pickup and dropoff service?

Yes, many car rental companies in Montana offer 24-hour pickup and drop-off services for the convenience of customers. However, availability may vary by location.

5. Is there a minimum rental period?

Most companies require a minimum rental period of one day, but this can vary from company to company.

6. What is the minimum age requirement to rent a car in Montana?

The minimum age to rent a car in Montana is typically 21, but some companies may allow rentals to drivers as young as 18 with an additional fee.

7. What documents do I need to rent or drive a car in Montana?

You will need a valid driver's license, a credit or debit card in your name, and proof of insurance. Some rental companies also require a proof of return travel.

8. What is the best time of the year to visit Montana by car?

The best time to visit Montana by car is during the summer months when the roads are clear from snow and most attractions are open.

9. What are the main airports in Montana?

The main airports in Montana are Billings Logan International Airport, Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport, and Missoula International Airport.

10. Can I pick up the car in one city in Montana and drop it off in another?

Yes, most car rental companies in Montana offer one-way rentals. However, a drop-off fee may apply.

Customers' Reviews


Billings, Montana – 14-12-2023. I love the Big Sky Country and renting a car here has never been this smooth. The staff is friendly and they have a diverse selection of cars to choose from. Not to mention, the prices aren't too bad either.


Missoula, Montana – 23-11-2023. Rented a car to journey through the magnificent mountains. The car was clean, well-maintained, and fuel-efficient. I had an enjoyable experience. The affordable price was the cherry on top. Highly recommend this car rental service!


Helena, Montana – 02-08-2023. Needed a vehicle to get me around the city. Came across this reliable place. They offered me an impeccable customer service experience and a pristine car at a decent price. I'm very satisfied with their service.


Great Falls, Montana – 18-06-2023. I rented a sedan for my trip to see the stunning Giant Springs. This car was comfortable and had an excellent handling. Rates were surprisingly affordable, even for peak seasons. This rental company made my Montana visit more memorable.


Bozeman, Montana – 12-03-2023. I was visiting Montana for the first time and needed a rental to shuttle between the town and the ski resort. The car I rented from this company was excellent. It was a top-spec car, economical and absolutely fit for purpose. Value for money.


Butte, Montana – 06-01-2023. The car I rented provided a smooth ride from Butte to the mesmerizing Berkeley Pit. The staff at the rental desk were friendly, making the entire rental process seamless even though I was renting a car for the very first time. Affordable price and great service!

Montana's Top Cities

Exploring Montana's Distinctive Destinations

  1. Billings: Montana's largest city, home to many parks and trails.
  2. Missoula: Known for its beautiful outdoor spaces and for hosting the University of Montana.
  3. Great Falls: Home to an array of museums and historical sites, including Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center.
  4. Bozeman: Enchanting city for outdoor enthusiasts, hosting the Museum of the Rockies.
  5. Butte: Rich in history and heritage; famous for St. Patrick's Day celebrations, and vintage car shows.
  6. Helena: The scenic state capital of Montana, with its characteristic Cathedral of St. Helena.
  7. Kalispell: The gateway to Glacier National Park, offering breathtaking mountain views.

Montana Road Connections

Car Travel Information for Tourists

  1. Billings - Yellowstone National Park: Enjoy a 154 km ride west via I-90 and US-89. Travel time is typically 2 hours 30 minutes. Roads are generally in good condition.
  2. Missoula - Glacier National Park: Route is approximately 204 km east on U.S Route 2 taking 2 hours 30 minutes. Highways are well-maintained with scenic views.
  3. Bozeman - Helena: A 143 km drive U.S. Route 12 and I-90 taking approximately 1 hour 45 minutes. Road conditions vary seasonally.
  4. Great Falls - Lewis And Clark National Forest: The 106 km southeast route via U.S. 89 takes about 1 hour 30 minutes. Check road conditions during winter.
  5. Helena - Yellowstone County Museum: Approximate 491 km journey east on I-94. Traveling time is about 5 hours. Watch out for high speed limits.
  6. Butte - Bannack State Park: A 149 km trip southwest predominantly on I-15 taking about 2 hours. Roads are well-maintained throughout the year.
  7. Missoula - Flathead Lake: An 85 km journey via U.S. 93, typically taking between 1 hour to 1 hour 30 minutes. The roads are generally good with some sections of ongoing construction.

Driving in Montana

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the general speed limit in Montana?

The speed limits in Montana are typically 70 mph on interstate highways, 65 mph on urban freeways, and 55-60 mph on two-lane highways. Always adhere to the posted speed limits.

2. What type of driving license do I need in Montana?

You require a valid United States driving license or an international driving permit to drive in Montana.

3. Are there many speed cameras in Montana?

Speed cameras are not widely used in Montana, but police patrols frequently monitor traffic for speeding.

4. Are there many tolls roads in Montana?

There are no toll roads in Montana.

5. Where can I find gas stations in Montana?

Gas stations can be found throughout Montana, including at major highway junctions and in towns and cities.

6. On which side of the road do cars drive in Montana?

In Montana, as in the rest of the United States, cars drive on the right-hand side of the road.

7. Are there any specific driving rules in Montana?

Aside from universal driving rules, Montana law requires drivers to yield to emergency vehicles and school buses, and to use headlights when visibility is impaired.

8. How is the road condition in Montana?

Montana's major highways and roads are generally in good condition, but drivers should exercise caution on rural roads, especially in winter.

9. Are there any special safety rules for driving in Montana?

Drivers in Montana are required to carry vehicle registration and insurance documents. Also, children under six years of age and weighing less than 60 pounds must use safety seats.

10. Can I use international driver’s license in Montana?

Yes, you can use an international driver’s license in Montana. But it’s advised to carry your passport and home country’s driver’s license as well.

11. How are the highway signs in Montana?

Montana's highway signs are clear and well-placed, ensuring drivers have sufficient warning of junctions, services and changes in the road layout.

12. Is it safe to drive at night in Montana?

While safe overall, nighttime driving in Montana requires extra caution due to wildlife and potential visibility issues.

13. Are seatbelts mandatory in Montana?

Seatbelts are mandatory for drivers and passengers in Montana. Children must be in an age and size appropriate car seat or booster seat.

14. Is child seat mandatory in Montana?

Yes, all children under the age of six or weighing less than 60 pounds must travel in an appropriate child safety seat.

15. What should I do in case of a breakdown or accident?

If your car breaks down, pull safely over to the side of the road and call for assistance. In the event of an accident, call 911, exchange information with the other driver and report the incident to your rental car company as soon as possible.

Montana Highlights

Top 8 Tourist Attractions

  1. Yellowstone National Park: World famous park known for its geysers and diverse wildlife.
  2. Glacier National Park: Known as the 'Crown of the Continent' filled with majestic mountains and lakes.
  3. Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument: Historical site of a significant Native American victory.
  4. Flathead Lake: The largest freshwater lake in the western U.S with an array of recreational activities.
  5. Lewis and Clark Caverns State Park: Montana's first and finest state park showcasing captivating caverns to explore.
  6. Mount Helena City Park: Offering numerous trails with stunning views from atop.
  7. Museum of the Rockies: A repository of regional history with extensive dinosaur collection.
  8. Beartooth Highway: Scenic drive showcasing some of Montana's breathtaking landscapes.

Montana Roadtrip Adventures

Driving Experiences to Remember

  1. Going-to-the-Sun Road: Travel 80km through Glacier National Park's incredible landscapes, wildlife, and mountain ranges on this famous highway.
  2. Beartooth Highway: Enjoy the 110km long scenic drive filled with switchbacks, alpine plateaus, and stunning vistas of Yellowstone National Park.
  3. The Montana Scenic Loop: An extended (around 320 km) drive through Big Sky Country, that takes you through verdant forests, hot springs and charming small towns.
  4. Pintler Scenic Route: A peaceful 220km drive that takes you through forests, historic mining towns and offers views of Georgetown Lake.
  5. Kings Hill Scenic Byway: A 170km route that guides through the Lewis and Clark National Forest, showcasing Montana's rugged mountain landscapes.
  6. Big Sheep Creek Backcountry Byway: Experience solitude in this 103km loop through the rugged, beautiful backcountry.
  7. Highway 2: Take a 970km journey from East Glacier to Bainville, observing sweeping plains, local wildlife and the northern edge of the Rocky Mountains.