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Experience unparalleled customer service at our car rental located in beautiful Monterey. Our dedicated team is eager to make your journey hassle-free. Discover the iconic Monterey Bay or the scenic 17-Mile Drive within the comfort of our quality vehicles. Promising seamless rental procedures and warm, personalised service, we ensure your visit to this spectacular coastal region is unforgettable.

Car Rental in Monterey

The Best Sites of Monterey: A Comprehensive Car Tour

City car on curvy road, sea, lighthouse, Cypress trees, colorful buildings

Enthralled by an enticing coastline and appeasing climatic conditions, Monterey is a perfect destination that bespeaks of California's natural beauty. Straddling on rich natural history and marine splendor, the city never fails to impress its visitors with mesmerizing vistas and scintillating shoreline. The Fisherman's Wharf, Old Monterey, and the perfectly manicured gardens and Spanish adobe buildings hold an enticing pleasure for the tourists.

Touring Monterey in your car is one of the best ways to explore its marvels. The Cannery Row, a waterfront street full of shopping, dining and historic attractions, is at the heart of Monterey's scenic beauty. Not far from here, within a 20-minute car drive, you can visit the Pacific Grove often referred to as 'Butterfly Town USA' due to its annual congregation of Monarch butterflies. A further 10-minute drive south will get you to the world-renowned Pebble beach and the iconic 17-Mile Drive, known for their breathtaking vistas and luxury accommodations.

For unparalleled scenic beauty, a car trip down the Pacific Coast Highway should be high on your agenda, which starts from Monterey and stretches up to Morro Bay. Marvel at the iconic Bixby Bridge, or pay a visit to Garrapata State Park along the way. A 1-hour drive south of Monterey will lead you to the whimsical beach town of Carmel-by-the-Sea, famed for its fairy-tale cottages and white-sand beach.

Car Rental in Monterey

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much is it to rent a car in Monterey?

The cost of renting a car in Monterey varies depends on the type of car, length of rental period, and extras like insurance and GPS. On average, you can expect to pay around $40 per day for a mid-sized car.

2. What car model is most in-demand for rentals in Monterey?

Convertibles and SUVs are the most popular rental car models in Monterey. The reason being, these cars allow tourists to enjoy the scenic beauty of Monterey's coastal drives, especially the world-famous 17-Mile Drive.

3. What are the popular places to rent a car in Monterey?

The most popular places to rent a car in Monterey are Monterey Regional Airport, downtown Monterey, and Cannery Row.

4. Is there 24-hour pick-up and drop-off service?

Yes, most car rental companies in Monterey offer convenient 24-hour pick-up and drop-off service.

5. What's the minimum rental period?

The minimum rental period typically starts from a day (24 hours).

6. What is the minimum age requirement to rent a car in Monterey?

The minimum age to rent a car in Monterey is usually 21 years, although this can vary between rental companies.

7. What documents do I need to rent or drive a car in Monterey?

You will need a valid driver’s license, credit card, and proof of insurance or options to purchase insurance from the rental company.

8. What is the best time of year to visit Monterey by car?

The best time to visit Monterey by car is during the spring and fall seasons when the weather is mild and the tourist crowds are less.

9. What are the main airports in Monterey?

The main airport is Monterey Regional Airport. Additionally, San Jose International Airport and San Francisco International Airport are located around 1 and 2 hours' drive respectively from Monterey.

10. Can I pick up the car in Monterey and return it in another city?

Yes, many car rental companies provide one-way services, allowing you to pick up the car in Monterey and return it in another city. However, this may incur an additional fee.

Car Rental Reviews


Monterey – 25-10-2023. An exceptional experience! The whole process was streamlined, from searching for a suitable car to making the payment. And let me commend on the car's exceptional quality! Having the reliability of a car in Monterey, given its stunning scenic drives, was the cherry on top of my trip.


Monterey – 15-10-2023. Do you love a smooth, unstressful car rental experience? Then, this is the company for you. What really caught my attention was how transparent they were with their pricing. They offered cost-friendly options which is rare in the realm of car rentals. Just perfect for an extended Monterey coastal drive!


Monterey – 09-10-2023. Their customer service was prompt and friendly, and the rental process was a breeze, which I truly appreciated. I was able to comfortably tour the must-see spots in Monterey, in a car which was in top-notch condition. Fully satisfied with the service provided!


Monterey – 02-10-2023. As a first-time car renter, I am extremely satisfied with the service. The process was simple and straightforward, and the costs were clearly detailed. I also appreciated how clean the car was provided so that my family and I could enjoy the beautiful drive along the Pacific Coast Highway without any worries.


Monterey – 29-09-2023. I have had great experiences with their services so far. Their pricing details are always clear and fair. The car was well-maintained and handled Monterey's sometimes steep and curvy roads wonderfully. A trustworthy company, I'd say.


Monterey – 23-11-2023. Two words: Highly recommend! This rental service elevated my Monterey experience. The car was in top shape and allowed me to comfortably explore the mesmerizing seaside city. Plus, the staff were very accommodating and understanding! All at a reasonable cost, too. Definitely a five-star experience for me.

Monterey Road Connections

7 Key Car Routes from Monterey

  1. Monterey - San Francisco: A journey of approximately 190 kilometers via the US-101 N. Estimated driving time is 2 hours, note that traffic can be heavy during peak times.
  2. Monterey - Los Angeles: A longer journey of roughly 525 kilometers, primarily via the US-101 S and I-5 S. Anticipate about 6 hours on the road.
  3. Monterey - Sacramento: Cover around 325 kilometers on the CA-99 N with an average drive time of 3.5 hours. Road conditions are generally good.
  4. Monterey - Santa Cruz: A shorter, 70 kilometer drive mainly via the CA-1 N. Travel time is typically around an hour.
  5. Monterey - Carmel-by-the-Sea: A very short 10 kilometer drive with stunning scenic views through CA-1 S. Driving time is around 15 minutes.
  6. Monterey - Big Sur: Approximately 60 kilometers down the Pacific coast on the CA-1 S. Expect about an hour drive, but with lots of photo opportunities.
  7. Monterey - Fresno: A drive of roughly 225 kilometers via the CA-152 E and CA-99 S, typically taking around 3 hours.

Driving in Monterey

Frequently asked driving concerns

1. What is the driving side in Monterey?

In Monterey, you will drive on the right side of the road, like in the rest of the United States.

2. What is the maximum speed limit in the city?

The maximum speed limit is typically 25 miles per hour in residential areas and can go up to 65 miles per hour or more on highways.

3. Are there any specific driving rules in Monterey?

Yes, always yield to pedestrians in crosswalks, never pass a stopped school bus, and school zones have a reduced speed limit when children are present.

4. Do I require a special license to drive in Monterey, USA?

A foreign license is usually accepted but an international driving permit is recommended if your license is not in English.

5. Could I encounter a radar while driving in Monterey?

Yes, speed cameras or radars are used in Monterey to detect speeding vehicles.

6. How is the traffic in Monterey?

Traffic in Monterey can get congested during rush hours, typically between 7-9am and 4-6pm on weekdays.

7. Are there any toll roads in and around Monterey?

Yes, some highways in California have tolls. It's best to check your route in advance.

8. Are there any special regulations regarding car lights?

In California, headlights must be turned on from 30 minutes after sunset until 30 minutes before sunrise, or when visibility is less than 1000 feet.

9. Are radar detectors allowed in Monterey?

Yes, the use of radar detectors is legal in California for non-commercial vehicles.

10. What should I do in case of a car accident?

You should call the police, exchange information with the other party and notify your rental company as soon as possible.

11. Do I need any particular insurance to drive a car in Monterey?

Yes, car insurance is required by law in California. The minimum requirement is $15,000 for injury/death to one person, $30,000 for injury/death to more than one person, and $5,000 for damage to property.

12. Can I make a right turn at a red light in Monterey?

Yes, unless otherwise specified, right turns are permitted on red lights after a complete stop, provided the way is clear.

13. Are child seats compulsory in Monterey?

Yes, children under the age of 8 must be in a car seat in the back seat of the vehicle. Those who are 8 years or older, or who are at least 4'9" tall, may use the vehicle's regular seat belts if they fit properly.

14. May I use handheld devices while driving?

Handheld use of phones or devices while driving is illegal in California, except in the case of hands-free features.

15. Can I park anywhere in Monterey?

No, parking regulations should be observed, and parking in a Red Zone or in front of a fire hydrant is not permitted. Always check street signs for parking restrictions.

Monterey Highlights

Must-visit attractions near Monterey

  1. Monterey Bay Aquarium: Experience amazing marine life exhibits and learn about ocean conservation.
  2. Cannery Row: Visit this historic waterfront district known for shops, eateries and beautiful ocean views.
  3. Pacific Grove: A charming town with Victorian-era houses, boutiques, and beautiful beaches.
  4. Carmel-by-the-Sea: Home to fairy tale cottages, art galleries, and scenic coastline.
  5. 17-Mile Drive: A world-famous scenic drive known for stunning oceanfront views and iconic golf courses.
  6. Mission San Carlos Borromeo de Carmelo: A historic Spanish mission offering tours and masses.
  7. Asilomar State Beach: A state park known for ocean views and a lovely boardwalk trail.
  8. Point Lobos State Natural Reserve: Explore the beautiful hiking trails offering breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean.

Roadtrip Routes from Monterey

Experience California's Spectacular Drives

  1. Monterey to Big Sur: Enjoy the scenic 44-kilometer drive on Highway 1 that takes you through stunning coastline views, redwood forests, and picturesque seaside towns. Don't miss out on the Bixby Bridge and McWay Falls.
  2. 17-Mile Drive: A 27-kilometer rollercoaster ride through luxury golf courses, rocky Pacific coastline, and iconic landmarks such as the Lone Cypress and Spanish Bay.
  3. Pacific Coast Highway: From Monterey, this iconic 1,055-kilometer roadtrip south takes you past seaside cliffs, historic landmarks and through vibrant cities like Los Angeles, ending in San Diego.
  4. Monterey to Yosemite: A 305-kilometer roadtrip that takes you from the Pacific coastline to the heart of the Sierra Nevada mountains, home to the world-known Yosemite National Park.
  5. Monterrey to Joshua Tree: Get ready for a 660-kilometer journey to the unique Joshua Tree National Park, famous for its distinctive tree species and clear-star night skies.
  6. Monterey to Sequoia: A 380-kilometer drive will bring you from coastal Monterey to Sequoia National Park, where you can walk among the world's largest trees.
  7. Monterey to Lake Tahoe: This 490-kilometer roadtrip offers diverse landscapes from Monterey's sea-side cliffs to Lake Tahoe's glittering blue waters and surrounded mountains.