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Car Rental in Fort McMurray

A comprehensive guide to experience all Fort McMurray has to offer

A city car beneath the Northern Lights, woodland wildlife, pine trees

Welcome to Fort McMurray, the heart of Alberta's oil sands region and a hub of economic activity. This bustling city, perched on the banks of the Athabasca and Clearwater Rivers, offers an appealing mix of natural beauty, dynamic growth, and rich cultural heritage. Home to numerous recreational trails, pristine parks, and a variety of outdoor activities, Fort McMurray caters to a range of interests for both residents and visitors.

For those interested in a picturesque drive, a journey from Fort McMurray to the Jasper National Park makes for a perfect day trip. Covering a distance of approximately 690 kilometers, this scenic ride offers plenty of captivating vistas along Highway 63 and Highway 16. In Jasper, you can experience the mesmerizing natural splendours of the Canadian Rockies, including icefields, waterfalls, and wildlife.

Stepping into the local history of the city, the Oil Sands Discovery Centre offers an insightful peek into the oil sands industry. Drive a short distance to the Heritage Village, where you can explore various historical buildings and understand the rich past of the region. In conclusion, whether you prefer to indulge in outdoor activities, soak up the local heritage, or enjoy a scenic car journey amidst stunning landscapes, Fort McMurray beckons you with open arms.

Car Rental

Fort McMurray

1. What is the cost of renting a car in Fort McMurray?

The cost of renting a car in Fort McMurray varies depending on several factors such as the car model, rental duration, and the time of year. On average, it can range from CAD$40 to CAD$100 per day. It is recommended to check different rental companies for the best rates. Always compare prices before booking.

2. Which car model is the most popular for hire in Fort McMurray?

The most popular car model for rent in Fort McMurray is usually the SUV. Given the city's location in the natural wilderness of Canada, many visitors rent this type of car for its strong performance in different terrains. A four-wheel-drive vehicle is particularly useful in the winter months.

3. What are the most popular locations for car hire in Fort McMurray?

Most car rental companies are located in the city center of Fort McMurray and Fort McMurray International Airport. It's always convenient to rent from these locations, especially if you are flying into the city.

4. Is a 24-hour pick up and drop off service available?

Most rental companies in Fort McMurray offer a 24-hour pick-up and drop-off service. However, it is always advisable to check with the rental company before booking.

5. What is the minimum rental period?

The minimum rental period is typically one day. However, some companies may offer hourly rates.

6. What is the minimum required age to rent a car in Fort McMurray?

The minimum age to rent a car in Fort McMurray is usually 21. However, this may vary depending on the rental company's policies. Drivers under 25 may be subject to additional fees.

7. What documents do I need to rent or drive a car in Fort McMurray?

To rent a car, you will need a valid driver's license, credit card for the deposit, and proof of insurance. For foreign renters, an International Driving Permit is often required.

8. When is the best time to visit Fort McMurray by car?

The best time to visit Fort McMurray by car is during the summer months, when the weather is more conducive for driving. However, many people visit in winter to experience the spectacular northern lights.

9. What is the main airport in Fort McMurray?

The main airport in Fort McMurray is the Fort McMurray International Airport. Most car rental companies have offices at the airport, making it convenient for arrivals.

10. Can I pick up the car in Fort McMurray and drop it off in another city?

Yes, you can pick up a car in Fort McMurray and drop it off in another city. However, this is subject to the rental company's policies and might entail additional charges.

Car Rental Reviews


Fort McMurray – 23-11-2023. My experience was seamless from start to finish. The customer service here is excellent, and the staff was extremely friendly. The car was in perfect condition. I've spent many winters in Fort McMurray, but driving through the snowy landscapes in such a comfortable car was a whole new experience. The rates were quite a charm considering the top-notch service and quality of the car. I couldn't recommend them more!


Fort McMurray – 08-10-2023. Service at this rental company was outstanding. My family and I took a trip to Fort McMurray to view the beautiful Northern Lights - a spectacle indeed! The rental process was straightforward, and we were offered a very comfortable car. It was well-suited to navigate the hilly terrains of the city without any hassles. The rental cost was also reasonable and well within my budget. So, stellar service and affordable pricing, thumbs up from me!


Fort McMurray – 11-08-2023. Decided to take a last-minute visit to Fort McMurray, and the trip couldn't have been smoother thanks to the ease of renting a car from this company. The car was clean and in great shape - it made cruising the downtown area in search of local cuisine a delight. The staff were friendly, helpful, and effective. Highly recommend their service!


Fort McMurray – 04-06-2023. From booking, pick-up to drop-off, everything was done in no-time. Loved driving the car around the local landmarks in Fort McMurray. The staff was very courteous and professional. Found the prices be competitive enough. For such splendid service and quality, I surely got a bargain!


Fort McMurray – 28-04-2023. Used their service for the first time and was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the car and overall professionalism. Navigating the city parks was ever so pleasant, and the rental rate was quite reasonable compared to what others offer for similar service. Booking process was a breeze, and collection was even quicker. Highly recommended!


Fort McMurray – 22-11-2023. Hats off to the team for making my short visit a memorable one. Renting a car to drive around the oil sands of Fort McMurray was effortless because of them. Got a neat car at relatively good value for money. Excellent work folks!

Drive Connections

Seven Primary Routes from Fort McMurray

  1. Fort McMurray - Edmonton: A 435 km journey taking approximately 4.5 hours via Highway 63 South. Road conditions can be icy in winter.
  2. Fort McMurray - Calgary: This 729 km drive along Highway 63 South and Highway 2 takes around 7.5 hours. Beware of heavy traffic in peak times.
  3. Fort McMurray - Jasper: Travel 593 km along Highway 63 South and Highway 16. Drive time is approximately 6 hours. Scenic views make it a popular route.
  4. Fort McMurray - Banff: A beautiful 737 km journey taking around 7.5 hours via Highway 63 South and Highway 1. Watch for wildlife along the route.
  5. Fort McMurray - Saskatoon: Drive 864 km for about 9.5 hours via Highway 63 South and Highway 16. Frequent gusty winds may occur.
  6. Fort McMurray - Vancouver: A long distance trek of 1,489 km requiring 15.5 hours of drive time, primarily along Highway 16. Plan for overnights.
  7. Fort McMurray - Toronto: This 3,386 km long-haul drive is via Trans-Canada Hwy/ON-17 E. It takes approximately 36 hours, so multi-day travel is a must.

Driving in Fort McMurray

Common Queries

1. What is the speed limit in Fort McMurray?

The speed limits vary in Fort McMurray. In most residential areas, the speed limit is set at 50km/h. On highway 63, the speed limit ranges between 70-110 km/h, depending on the exact location and conditions. Always make sure to follow the posted signs.

2. Do I need a driving licence to drive a car in Fort McMurray?

Yes, you need a valid driving license to drive a car in Fort McMurray. If you're a visitor, an International Driving Permit along with your home country’s driving license is also accepted.

3. Are there any specific driving rules in Fort McMurray?

Yes, driving rules in Fort McMurray are similar to the rest of Canada. For example, you must drive on the right side of the road, and make sure you are not blocking intersections.

4. Are there speed cameras in Fort McMurray?

Yes, speed cameras (also known as photo radar) are in use in Fort McMurray as part of traffic safety measures.

5. What are the rules regarding overtaking?

Overtaking should be done on the left unless the driver in front is turning left, then you can overtake on the right. Always make sure it is safe to overtake before doing so.

6. Are there toll roads in Fort McMurray?

No, currently there are no toll roads in Fort McMurray or anywhere else in Alberta.

7. Is there a penalty for driving in prohibited areas?

Yes, driving in restricted areas is against the law and could result in fines, vehicle impoundment, and even a suspension of your driving privileges.

8. How should pedestrians be approached?

You must always yield to pedestrians crossing or planning to cross the road. Be careful and mindful around school zones and playgrounds.

9. How serious is a yellow traffic light taken?

A yellow light means the signal is about to change to red. You should stop unless it is unsafe to do so.

10. How is parking regulated in Fort McMurray?

Both on-street and off-street parking facilities are available throughout the city. However, you must pay attention to any parking regulations, restrictions or permit areas.

11. Can I use my car horn excessively?

No, unnecessary use of a car horn is seen as a violation of the noise by-law in Fort McMurray and could result in fines.

12. What is the rule on intersections?

At intersections with stop signs, cars must stop and yield to any pedestrians before proceeding. When traffic signals are out of operation, the intersection becomes a 4-way stop.

13. Is road rage penalized?

Yes. Aggressive driving or road rage is taken seriously and could result in heavy fines and penalties.

14. Are there rules regarding rest or breaks during a long trip?

There are no specific laws in Fort McMurray that mandate rest breaks during driving. However, it is recommended that drivers do take breaks every 2 hours or so during a long trip to avoid fatigue.

15. How are roundabouts handled?

When approaching a roundabout, you must yield to the traffic already in the roundabout. Always enter and exit roundabouts to the right.

Discover Fort McMurray

Eight Must-Visit Attractions

  1. Oil Sands Discovery Centre: Experience the history, science, and technology behind the oil sand industry.
  2. Birchwood Trails: Nature reserve offering picturesque hiking, biking, and skiing paths.
  3. Fort McMurray Marine Park Museum: Get insight into the history of marine life and culture.
  4. Snye Point Boat Launch: Ideal spot for water-based activities like canoeing and fishing.
  5. Vista Ridge All Seasons Park: A year-round paradise offering skiing, snowboarding, and summer adventure park.
  6. Borealis Park: An impressive park featuring a playground, picnic areas and river view.
  7. Wood Buffalo Brewing Co.: Visit the region's oldest brewery and sample local craft beers.
  8. Northern Lights Tours: Sign up for a tour to catch a glimpse of the stunning Aurora Borealis.

Top Road Trips from Fort McMurray

Explore Canada with Spectacular Routes

  1. Fort McMurray to Banff: An impressive trip spanning 739 km. Experience breathtaking landscapes as you explore the heart of the Rocky Mountains.
  2. Fort McMurray to Edmonton: This 435 km route takes you through stunning boreal forest landscapes and ends in Alberta's bustling capital city.
  3. Fort McMurray to Calgary: Journey 735 km south to reach the urban sophistication and cowboy culture of Calgary. Highlights include historical sites, parks, and festivals.
  4. Fort McMurray to Jasper: This 590 km trip will lead you through areas of unrivalled natural beauty, featuring majestic mountains, fascinating wildlife and pristine lakes.
  5. Fort McMurray to Drumheller: For a 725 km drive, discover the 'Dinosaur Capital of the World'. Ideal for families and anyone with an interest in palaeontology.
  6. The Great Trail: Explore thousands of kilometers of scenic routes across Canada linked by this route. This isn't a single road trip, but an opportunity to plan a journey deeply customized to your interests.
  7. Fort McMurray to Saskatoon: Fear not the distance of 913 km. You will pass through dramatic prairies and end in a city known for its 65 annual events and large Francophone community.
  8. Fort McMurray to Vancouver: A longer drive at 1583 km, but not to be skipped for its diversity, from the peace of the mountains to the thrill of the city life in Vancouver.