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Experience top-notch customer service with our car rental services in Guelph. We make your journey to the stunning Royal city hassle-free. Enjoy exploring local attractions such as the Royal Botanical Gardens or the Guelph Civic Museum. Our dedicated team is always ready to assist, ensuring your trip is smooth and memorable. Our commitment to customer satisfaction sets us apart in the region.

Cars Rental Guelph

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does it cost to rent a car in Guelph?

The cost of renting a car in Guelph varies based on the rental duration, car model, and the season. It could range from $30 to $70 per day. It's best to compare the prices from different companies to find the best deal.

2. Which car model is popular to rent in Guelph?

In Guelph, SUVs and compact cars are the most popular due to their versatility and fuel efficiency. These cars are perfect for navigating through Guelph's urban and suburban areas.

3. Where are the most popular pickup locations in Guelph?

Many car rental agencies in Guelph have offices at primary locations including downtown, and at the Guelph Airport.

4. Is there a 24-hour pickup and drop-off service?

Yes, many car rental companies offer 24-hour pickup and drop-off services in Guelph. It is recommended to check this service at the time of booking.

5. Is there a minimum rental period?

The minimum rental period is typically one day. However, some companies offer hourly rentals as well for short trips around the city.

6. How old do I have to be to rent a car in Guelph?

The minimum age to rent a car in Guelph is 21 years. However, drivers under the age of 25 may pay a young driver surcharge.

7. What documents do I need to rent a car in Guelph?

To rent a car in Guelph, you need a valid driver's license, proof of insurance, and a credit card in the renter's name.

8. What's the best time of year to visit Guelph by car?

The best time to visit Guelph by car is from June to September when the weather is warm and the city holds many outdoor events.

9. Where are the major airports in Guelph for car rental pickup?

The major airport in Guelph is the Guelph Airport. However, travelers can also rent cars from nearby Toronto Pearson International Airport.

10. Can I return the rented car in a different city?

Yes, many car rental companies in Guelph offer the option to pickup a car in Guelph and drop it off at a different location. Additional charges may apply for this service.

Car Rental Reviews


Guelph – 22-11-2023. As an international student from the University of Guelph, hiring a car to explore Canada's beautiful landscapes was always on my bucket list. This car rental company made it happen! The price was perfectly suitable for a student's budget and the car was in excellent condition. Plus, the friendly customer service was just the cherry on top. Highly recommended!


Guelph – 20-10-2023. Our family trip to Guelph was made so much easier thanks to this car rental company. The thoughtful inclusion of a child seat in the car was worth mentioning. The prices were reasonable, and the vehicle was clean and in perfect driving condition. Booking was smooth and the staff was helpful throughout.


Guelph – 02-09-2023. Being a retiree, I enjoy exploring new places but convenience is a must for me. They provided just that. Easy pickup and drop-off at the Guelph train station, a good car, and pleasant service. Despite a minor hiccup with the initial booking, the staff resolved it quickly. Good job, folks!


Guelph – 22-07-2023. A superb car rental experience! The entire process was straightforward and hassle-free. The car was in prime condition, much to my delight. The rental price was a steal given the top-notch service I received. Will definitely use their services again on my next trip to Guelph!


Guelph – 15-05-2023. Great rental experience for a business trip! Reliable vehicle and swift service. The GPS was accurate which helped me easily navigate in and around Guelph. The rental rates were also reasonable.


Guelph – 02-02-2023. This was my first time hiring a car and indeed, a great experience! The staff was very professional, helpful, and made the process much less intimidating. Love the wide range of vehicles available at a decent cost. Will definitely recommend to anyone needing a car in Guelph.

Guelph Road Connections

Principal road networks from Guelph

  1. Guelph - Toronto: A 98km drive mainly via ON-401 E, the journey takes an average of 1 hour 15 minutes. The road conditions are usually excellent unless during peak times or harsh weather conditions.
  2. Guelph - Niagara Falls: An estimated 138km distance, taking approximately 1 hour 40 minutes driving on QEW. The highway is well-maintained and trafficked mostly during vacation season.
  3. Guelph - Hamilton: A trip of about 62km mostly via ON-6 S. Typically a 45-minute drive, the route features good road conditions.
  4. Guelph - London: A distance of 118km, mostly covered on ON-401 W. The drive takes usually 1 hour 20 minutes. The road surface is typically clear and smooth.
  5. Guelph - Kitchener: A short hop of 24km via ON-7, often taking around 25 minutes. The traffic is usually light on this route.
  6. Guelph - Brampton: A 54km drive, mainly via ON-401 E. The expected travel time is about 45 minutes with good traffic and road conditions.
  7. Guelph - Mississauga: Covering a distance of 65km, usually via ON-401 E. The journey typically takes around 50 minutes. The freeway is mostly smooth with occasional slowdowns during peak times.

Driving in Guelph

Commonly Asked Questions

1. What is the speed limit in Guelph's urban areas?

The speed limit in urban areas of Guelph is generally 50 km/h unless otherwise posted, while in residential areas it is typically 40 km/h.

2. What type of driving license is required in Guelph?

If you are a resident, you need an Ontario driver's license. If you are a visitor, a valid driving license from your home country is acceptable.

3. How prevalent are speed cameras in Guelph?

Speed cameras are used in Guelph, especially in school zones and high risk areas. Drivers are advised to adhere to speed limits at all times.

4. Are there toll roads in Guelph?

Currently, there are no toll roads in Guelph. Most highways in Ontario are free, except for Highways 407 and 412.

5. What side of the road does Guelph drive on?

Like the rest of Canada, traffic drives on the right side of the road in Guelph.

6. What are the primary driving rules in Guelph?

Driving in Guelph follows standard North American rules, such as yielding to incoming traffic when turning left and stopping for school buses when their stop signals are deployed.

7. How do roundabouts work in Guelph?

Guelph roundabouts follow the yield-at-entry rule, where entering drivers yield to traffic within the roundabout. Always look to your left before entering.

8. Are there any carpooling rules in Guelph?

Guelph does not have specific carpooling rules, but sharing a car with others can help reduce traffic congestion and carbon footprint.

9. What is the highway speed limit in Guelph and in Ontario?

The maximum speed limit on multi-lane highways in Ontario is typically 100 km/h, but some sections are set at 110 km/h.

10. How can I familiarize myself with the driving laws in Guelph?

The Ontario Ministry’s Driver's Handbook provides detailed information about driving laws, as does the Guelph Police Service's website for local regulations.

11. Are radar detectors legal in Guelph?

No, radar detectors are illegal in all of Ontario, including Guelph, and can result in fines and the device's confiscation.

12. Do pedestrians have right of way in Guelph?

Yes, pedestrians at crosswalks and intersections have the right of way in Guelph, and drivers must yield to them.

13. Is driving in Guelph different during winters?

Yes, during the winter, roads can get slippery in Guelph. Motorists are advised to use winter tires and to drive carefully.

14. Are there any requirements for child seats in cars in Guelph?

In Guelph, children under 8 years of age, weighing less than 36 kg, or shorter than 145 cm, must be secured in an appropriate child car seat or booster seat.

15. Any advice regarding parking in Guelph?

Parking regulations vary throughout the city. Some areas have metered parking, while others require a parking permit, so always check the local signs.

Explore Guelph

Top 8 Must-See Attractions

  1. Guelph Civic Museum: Learn about the history of Guelph and its people at this community museum.
  2. The Arboretum, University of Guelph: Enjoy nature's beauty with sessions of bird-watching and tree-tours.
  3. Donkey Sanctuary of Canada: Visit rescued donkeys at this unique animal sanctuary.
  4. Royal City Park: A scenic park with playgrounds, tennis courts, and charming gazebo, perfect for a picnic.
  5. McCrae House: Explore the birthplace and history of Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae, the author of 'In Flanders Fields'.
  6. Hanlon Dog Park: Perfect place for mid-trip breaks to let your pet dogs enjoy off-leash play.
  7. Guelph Market Square: Experience the local culture while shopping at this vibrant downtown outdoor market.
  8. Guelph Lake Conservation Area: A family-friendly park with a beach, campgrounds and beautiful hiking trails.

Scenic Guelph Drives

Explore Ontario's Stunning Scenic Routes

  1. Guelph to Niagara Falls: Enjoy the waterfalls and wineries along the 115 km route from Guelph to Niagara Falls.
  2. Great Northern Circle Route: This 1500 km drive takes you through the diverse landscapes and breathtaking views of Ontario.
  3. Guelph to Ottawa: A 475 km drive to Canada's capital city offers majestic scenery and historical landmarks.
  4. The Lake Huron Circle Tour: Experience the best of the Great Lakes region with a 1400 km adventurous drive from Guelph.
  5. Trans-Canada Highway: Embark on a 7821 km journey along the world's second longest national highway, showcasing Canada's diverse landscapes.
  6. Guelph to Collingwood: Take a 125 km scenic drive to the resort town of Collingwood, renowned for its ski slopes.
  7. Highway 60 Corridor: A short 240 km route immersed in natural beauty, leading you through Algonquin Provincial Park.


Car Rental in Guelph

Revealing the Exquisite Charm and Beauty of Guelph

City car amid Guelph landmarks, botanical garden, wildlife, and river

Welcome to Guelph, a city renowned for its scenic landscapes, rich history, and vibrant arts scene. Emerging from Ontario's heartland, Guelph promises nostalgic charm, panoramic parks, and an interesting tapestry of culture and traditions. The city's distinctive stone architecture and the grandeur of the Basilica of Our Lady Immaculate allures many to its quaint peaceful environment.

Series of admirable day trips await you in the surrounding region. Reach out to the County of Wellington, located just a short car ride away from the city centre. Fun and adventure are assured with numerous natural reserves and historical places to visit. A car ride to Toronto, one of the largest North American city, is also not to be missed. It's impressive skyline and multicultural essence is merely an hour's drive from Guelph.

Freedom comes on four wheels, and exploring Guelph’s heartland couldn't be more inviting. Driving through the rolling landscapes offers mesmerizing views of the natural surroundings. Don't forget to check out theWellington County Museum and Archives or venture further afield to the extraordinaryNiagara Falls in less than two hours by car. Considering the relatively short distances to an array of attractions, a car trip is the most feasible and enjoyable form of transiting for a remarkable Guelph experience.