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Car Rental in Antigonish

A Journey Through Historical, Cultural, and Natural Sites by Car

City car cruising Antigonish landscape, sunset, local church, blooming flowers

Located in the heart of northeastern Nova Scotia, Antigonish offers a blend of history, culture, and natural beauty. Best known as the home of St. Francis Xavier University, this small county has a vibrant academic community that enriches its cultural offerings. The Downtown area is dotted with galleries, cafés, bookstores, and a remarkable farmer's market which make exploring by car essential. Drive down Main Street to get a feel of the town's historic charm and witness the 19th-century architecture.

Once you've soaked in the town's culture, you could take a one-hour car drive to Cape George Point, for a breathtaking view of St. George’s Bay. Known for a historic lighthouse that's perched on the cliffs, this place is perfect for photographers and nature enthusiasts. The journey to this spectacular location is enhanced by rolling farmlands and lush forests. Don't miss the Cabot Trail, a scenic drive that starts just two hours away from Antigonish.

A trip to Antigonish is not complete without the Victorian era Caledonia Mills. Here, you'll experience the status of Antigonish during the late 19th century and early 20th century. Towards the North-East, there's Arisaig Provincial Park, displaying fossil-rich rocks dating back 400 million years! Arisaig and Caledonia Mills are within an hour's driving distance from Antigonish, making them easily accessible attractions to end your tour of this fascinating county.

Car Rental FAQ


1. How much does it cost to rent a car in Antigonish?

The cost to rent a car in Antigonish depends on several factors, including the season, type of car, and duration of hire. Generally, you can anticipate rates from around $35 per day.

2. What car model is popularly rented in Antigonish?

SUVs, such as the Ford Escape, are most demanded due to Antigonish's changing weather and outdoor attractions. Their durability and comfort are suited for any road condition.

3. What are the most well-frequented car rental spots in Antigonish?

Most car rental stores can be found in the city center and at the Antigonish Airport.

4. Is there a 24-hour pickup and drop-off service?

Yes, most car rental companies in Antigonish offer 24-hour pick-up and drop-off services.

5. Is there a minimum rental period?

Generally, there is a minimum rental period of one day, but it can vary depending on the car rental company.

6. What is the minimum age requirement to rent a car in Antigonish?

The age requirement varies by car rental company, but the minimum age is typically 21 years old. Some may charge a "young driver" fee for those under 25.

7. What documents do I need to rent or drive a car in Antigonish?

You will need a valid driving license, a credit card, and, for non-Canadian residents, a passport. International drivers may require an International Driving Permit.

8. Is there a preferred time of the year to visit Antigonish by car?

Antigonish is great to visit year-round, but summer (June – August) is especially beautiful and provides the best driving conditions.

9. What are the main airports in Antigonish?

Halifax Stanfield International Airport is the nearest major airport to Antigonish, which you can find more about here.

10. Can I pick up a car in Antigonish and drop it off in another city?

Yes, most companies offer a one-way rental service, but this often involves an added fee.

Car Rental Reviews


Antigonish – 23-11-2023. As a frequent traveller, I've rented cars from various providers. I must say, this car rental company in Antigonish is outstanding. The quality of their cars, their rates, and most importantly their customer service, are spectacular. The cars are clean, well-maintained, and smooth to drive. The rates are highly affordable. Great value for money.


Antigonish – 11-10-2023. I've lived in Antigonish for over 30 years and whenever I need a car rental, I always use this company. The staff is helpful and makes the rental process hassle-free. The cars are top-of-the-line. Prices hardly put a dent in your pocketbook. A worthwhile service to use. A+.


Antigonish – 29-09-2023. Best car rental service in Antigonish without a doubt. Fast, efficient and very affordable. The staff members are courteous and the whole process is hassle-free. Cars are in excellent condition. I highly recommend their services.


Antigonish – 13-08-2023. I hired a car from these folks last summer. The car was in perfect condition, clean and smelled fresh. Excellent pricing too. Absolutely seamless experience. The staff was friendly and professional. They’re located conveniently in beautiful Antigonish, which was a plus. I will definitely hire from them again.


Antigonish – 19-06-2023. Recently, I rented a car from this company for a road trip around Antigonish. What a delightful experience it was! The car provided was top-notch and clean as a whistle. The pricing was extremely reasonable for such a high-quality service. Highly recommended. Book your next trip with them and you won't regret it!


Antigonish – 02-04-2023. The service at this car rental company in Antigonish was fantastic. I was able to pick up my car quickly and the staff was very helpful. The cars are kept in great condition and they even helped me plan out some cool sightseeing spots around Antigonish. Will definitely return in future.

Antigonish Road Connections

Essential highway routes from Antigonish

  1. Antigonish - Halifax: 204 kilometers, around 2 hours and 30 minutes via Highway 102. Expect mostly clear, well-maintained roads with beautiful vistas.
  2. Antigonish - Sydney: 199 kilometers, approximately 2 hours and 10 minutes via Highway 104, known for its pleasing countryside views.
  3. Antigonish - Truro: 132 kilometers, about 1 hour and 35 minutes on Highway 104, with gentle curves.
  4. Antigonish - Baddeck: 161 kilometers, around 1 hour and 50 minutes via Highway 105. Road conditions are generally good but watch for wildlife.
  5. Antigonish - Port Hawkesbury: 81 kilometers, roughly 50 minutes on Highway 104, a usually clear and well-paved route.
  6. Antigonish - New Glasgow: 47 kilometers, just over 30 minutes via Highway 104. This is a straightforward, scenic drive.
  7. Antigonish - Pictou: 52 kilometers or about 35 minutes through the Trans-Canada Highway (104). Roads are typically smooth and clear.

Driving in Antigonish

Your driving guide

1. On which side of the road should one drive in Antigonish?

In Antigonish, as in the rest of Canada, one should drive on the right-hand side of the road.

2. What is the general speed limit in Antigonish?

The general speed limit in Antigonish is 50 km/h in urban areas, and up to 90 km/h on rural roads and highways, unless otherwise posted.

3. Is it necessary to have a driving license to drive a car in Antigonish?

Yes, you must have a valid driving license to drive in Antigonish. International drivers should carry their home country's driving license as well as an International Driving Permit.

4. Are there any recent changes to the traffic laws in Antigonish that I should be aware of?

Current and comprehensive information about driving laws in Antigonish can be found on the Nova Scotia government website. Laws may vary over time, so it's important to check for updates before driving.

5. Are there radar-controlled speed checks in Antigonish?

Yes, Antigonish uses radar-controlled speed checks to enforce driving laws, and you may face fines or other penalties for violations.

6. Are there toll roads in Antigonish, and how much do they cost?

Currently, there are no toll roads in Antigonish, but there are toll bridges. Costs may vary, so it is advisable to check the most current rates online.

7. What are the safety regulations while driving a car in Antigonish?

Drivers must follow all posted traffic signs and signals, respect speed limits, and yield to pedestrians and bicyclists. In addition, it is mandatory for all passengers to wear seatbelts, and children should be in appropriate car seats or boosters.

8. Is it easy to find parking in Antigonish?

Parking availability in Antigonish varies by time and location. Most businesses provide parking for customers, and there are several public parking lots and street parking available downtown.

9. What are the rules for right of way in Antigonish?

In general, drivers must yield the right-of-way to pedestrians and to other drivers who arrive first or to the right at intersections. Specific rules may apply at traffic signals and roundabouts.

10. Are there any specific rules about highway driving?

On highways, slower moving vehicles should keep to the right. It's also important to maintain a safe following distance and be mindful of blind spots when changing lanes.

11. Can I use my home country's driver's license in Antigonish?

Visitors to Canada are suggested to carry an International Driving Permit along with their valid driver's license from their home country.

12. Is road rage a common problem in Antigonish?

Road rage is not a common problem in Antigonish but maintaining calm, courtesy and observing all traffic rules while driving is highly recommended.

13. If I am involved in a car accident, what is the proper procedure?

In case of a car accident, first ensure safety, then exchange information with the other driver and report the accident to local police and your car insurance company as soon as possible.

14. Are there any restrictions on car modifications?

Yes, in Antigonish, all car modifications must comply with the vehicles standards regulation of the provincial government. It's always best to check with the authorities if unsure

15. How are the driving conditions in winter?

Winter driving in Antigonish can be challenging due to snow and ice. Drivers should be equipped with snow tires and be familiar with handling a car in such conditions.

Antigonish Top Attractions

Explore by Car

  1. St. Francis Xavier University: Prestigious institution known for its rich culture and history.
  2. Antigonish Heritage Museum: Historic railway station turned museum, displaying local history.
  3. St. Ninian's Cathedral: An architectural marvel standing since 1874.
  4. Arisaig Provincial Park: Perfect for picnics and fossil hunting by the scenic coastline.
  5. Keppoch Mountain: Offers hiking, biking and stunning views of Antigonish.
  6. Columbus Field: A hub of community, sports and outdoor events.
  7. Antigonish Mall: Local shopping centre with small unique stores.
  8. Antigonish Landing Wildlife Area: Perfect spot for bird watching and nature walks.

Roadtrips From Antigonish

Explore Nova Scotia's Beauty

  1. Cabot Trail: Starting from Antigonish, the 300-kilometer loop takes you around Cape Breton Island. It is renowned for its stunning landscapes and sea views.
  2. Antigonish to Halifax: A 2-hour trip covering approximately 200 kilometers. Highlights include beautiful lakes, the urban allure of Halifax, and the historic town of Pictou.
  3. Antigonish to Pictou: A short trip covering just about 55 kilometers through rural views to the sea town of Pictou known for its rich history.
  4. Bay of Fundy Drive: Approximately 500 kilometers from Antigonish to Bay of Fundy, boasting world's highest tides. Stops include the historic Annapolis Valley and scenic Digby Neck.
  5. South Shore: Covering 200 kilometers, the South Shore route stretches from Halifax to Yarmouth, covering picturesque towns such as Chester, Mahone Bay, and Lunenburg.
  6. Antigonish to Baddeck: A nearly 200 kilometer road trip, offering breathtaking views of Bras d'Or Lake and the vibrant Celtic culture of Baddeck village.
  7. Marine Drive: A 250 kilometer scenic coastal route from Antigonish to Halifax with stops in serene towns, offering breathtaking ocean views and delicious local seafood.