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Our car hire service operating in Pinner stands out due to our excellent customer service. Always ready to assist you, making your journey to the cosmopolitan Northwood Hills or idyllic Pinner Memorial Park smoother. Experience a car hire service refined by Pinner's unique charm, offering meticulous attention to your individual needs.

Car Hire in Pinner

An Unforgettable Drive Through England's Rich History and Scenic Charm

City car in scenic Pinner, amidst park and historic structures

Set in the northern end of London's borough of Harrow, Pinner is a well-preserved endearing history-filled town, known for its 14th-century architecture and old-world charm. Oozing with timeless appeal, Pinner is a delightful getaway if you're looking to take a step back in time. The village is packed with attractive timber-framed Tudor-style buildings, historic pubs, and a scenic park that centres a sparkling pond. It remains fascinating that the region's old-world charm has been preserved despite being a mere 35-minute drive from central London.

A car hire in Pinner offers an excellent start to exploring the beautiful surrounding attractions. An hour's drive southwest will take you to the city of Windsor - the Queen's favoured weekend home and the location of the world's oldest occupied castle. About an hour north are the scholarly spires and buildings of the University of Oxford, distinguished as the world's second-oldest university. Within a 90-minute drive, south of Pinner, lies England's stunning South Coast towns of Portsmouth and Southampton.

Meanwhile, a quick 35-minute journey east by car will take you to the lively capital, London. Though a contrast to the timeless charm of Pinner, a drive to this bustling city offers an entirely new and dynamic sightseeing experience. Here, you can immerse yourself in the city’s rich history by visiting the iconic London Eye, Buckingham Palace, and the Tower of London. Every drive from Pinner signifies a promising trip that unveils riveting anecdotes of British history and culture.

Pinner Car Hire

FAQs About Car Hire in Pinner

1. What is the cost of hiring a car in Pinner?

Car hire prices in Pinner can vary depending on the type of car you choose, the duration of the hire, and the time of year. It's always advised to compare prices from different car hire companies to get the best deal.

2. Which car model is most popular for hire in Pinner?

The most popular car model for hire in Pinner is often a compact or economy car, due to the town's narrow and busy streets. However, larger vehicles may also be popular for those planning trips to the beautiful countryside surrounding Pinner.

3. Where are the most popular locations to hire a car in Pinner?

Many visitors choose to hire cars from locations in the town centre, or from Pinner station. Some car hire companies also offer a delivery and collection service.

4. Is there a 24-hour pick-up and return service?

While some car hire companies may offer a 24-hour pick-up and return service, it's important to confirm this when booking as not all companies provide this service.

5. Is there a minimum rental period?

Most car hire companies have a minimum rental period, typically ranging from one day to a week depending on the company.

6. What is the minimum age requirement for car hire in Pinner?

The minimum age requirement for car hire can vary between different companies. However, it's typically between 21 and 25 years old, with drivers under 25 often required to pay a young driver surcharge.

7. What documents do I need to hire or drive a car in Pinner?

To hire a car in Pinner, you will typically need a full, valid driving licence and a credit card in the driver's name. Additional identification such as a passport may also be required.

8. What is the best time of year to visit Pinner by car?

Whilst Pinner is a lovely place to visit all year round, many find that the summer months are particularly enjoyable for driving around and exploring the town and its surrounding countryside.

9. What are the main airports in Pinner?

Pinner doesn't have its own airport, but is conveniently located near several large airports, including Heathrow and Luton. These airports often have a range of car hire options available.

10. Can I pick up the car in Pinner and return it in another city?

Many car hire companies offer a one-way service, allowing you to pick up a car in Pinner and return it in another city. However, additional fees may apply.

Customers Reports


Pinner – 02-01-2024. Magnificent service! I hired a car from them last week and my experience was absolutely superb. I loved driving around Pinner in their well-maintained vehicle. Price point is also affordable which is a refreshing change for car hire companies. Strongly recommend!


Pinner – 15-12-2023. I’m an elderly lady and do not usually write reviews but the care and attention from the staff deserves recognition. My hire car was robust and perfect for my trip over to Pinner. The hiring process was quick and simple. Haven't experienced such customer service in years! Their reasonable pricing was the cherry on top.


Pinner – 10-10-2023. A five-star car hire company! The staff understands your specific needs and makes the whole process seamless. The prices are reasonable and the cars are efficient – perfect for a day out in the lovely town of Pinner. As a student, their offers were quite alluring. I'll definitely use their services again.


Pinner – 25-08-2023. Had the pleasure to hire a car from these guys while visiting Pinner for a business trip. As an entrepreneur, efficiency is key and these chaps have nailed it. Competitive pricing and top-notch service – I couldn't have asked for more.


Pinner – 02-08-2023. The car hire company was brilliant! Hired a car for a quick tour of Pinner and loved every bit of the service – from hiring to returning the car. The team was incredibly helpful and informative too. The prices are very fair as well. Keep up the good work, Folks!


Pinner – 18-06-2023. I've been hiring cars for my trips and this company is by far the best in Pinner. The simple hiring process, helpful staff, and the car's performance was brilliant! The cost-effectiveness was a bonus. I’m thoroughly satisfied and highly recommend their service!

Pinner Road Connections

Essential Road Routes for Tourists Hiring Cars

  1. Pinner - London: It's a 33km journey from Pinner to London, roughly a 40 minutes drive via the A40. The road condition is generally good, and it's a well-trodden route.
  2. Pinner - Oxford: Driving the 97km to Oxford should take around 1 hour and 30 minutes via the M40. Road conditions are typically excellent.
  3. Pinner - Cambridge: A trip to Cambridge covers a distance of 76km and takes about 1 hour 20 minutes via the M25 and M11. The roads are in great condition.
  4. Pinner - Brighton: The journey to Brighton is around 123km, approximately 2 hours 30 minutes by car via M25 and A23. Expect good road conditions.
  5. Pinner - Bath: This 145km journey will take you roughly 2 hours 35 minutes via the M4. The motorway is well-maintained and straightforward.
  6. Pinner - Windsor: Windsor is 25km away and it's a quick 35 minutes drive via the M4. The roads are in good condition.
  7. Pinner - Stratford-upon-Avon: Stratford-upon-Avon is located 133km from Pinner, approximately a 2 hours 15 minutes drive via M40. The motorway is well-surfaced and busy.

Driving in Pinner

Commonly Asked Questions

1. On which side of the road should I drive in Pinner?

In Pinner, and throughout the UK, you should drive on the left side of the road.

2. What's the general speed limit in Pinner?

The general speed limit in built up areas with street lighting (which includes Pinner) is 30mph. On single carriageways it's 60mph, and on dual carriageways and motorways it's typically 70mph, unless otherwise stated.

3. Is an international driver's license required in Pinner?

If you hold a valid driving licence issued in an EU or EEA country, you can drive in the UK until you're 70, or for 3 years after becoming resident in the UK, whichever is the longer period. If your driving licence is issued by a country that is part of the Geneva convention, you can drive in the UK for up to 12 months from when you became resident in the UK.

4. Are there many speed cameras in Pinner?

Yes, like many cities in the UK, Pinner uses speed cameras to enforce speed restrictions and enhance road safety.

5. How are traffic violations handled in Pinner?

In Pinner, and throughout the UK, traffic violations are primarily managed through a penalty points system. If you commit a driving offence, points will be added to your licence and you'll typically have to pay a fine. Serious or repeat offenders could face disqualification from driving.

6. How useful is a navigation system for driving in Pinner?

A navigation system can be very helpful especially if you are new to the city. Pinner has a range of road types, from tiny country lanes to major motorways, so a good navigation system can help you confidently navigate the area.

7. Are there many toll roads in Pinner and the rest of the UK?

There are a few toll roads, bridges and tunnels in the UK, but the majority of highways are toll-free. Pinner itself does not have toll roads.

8. What are the rules regarding child safety while travelling in a car?

All children up to the age of 12 years old, or less than 135cm tall, must use an appropriate child restraint (for example a car seat) when travelling in a car. Children over 12 years old, or more than 135cm tall, must wear a seat belt.

9. How can I familiarise myself with the driving rules in Pinner?

The 'Highway Code' is a set of information, advice, guides and mandatory rules for all road users in the UK. It's advisable to know and understand the 'Highway Code' before you start driving in Pinner or elsewhere in the UK.

10. Are roundabouts common in Pinner?

Yes, roundabouts are a common feature of UK roads and Pinner is no exception. Familiarising yourself with the rules for using roundabouts will be helpful.

11. What precautions should I take when driving in Pinner's weather conditions?

Weather conditions can greatly affect driving safety. It's advised to keep a check on the weather forecast, and plan your journey accordingly. In case of rain or fog, ensure your lights are working properly for visibility.

12. What happens in case of a breakdown?

If your car breaks down, it's generally advisable to move off the road to a safe place. Most rental cars include a breakdown cover, so call the breakdown service to get help.

13. Are parking rules strictly enforced in Pinner?

Yes, parking enforcement is strict in Pinner. Always observe the rules and information on parking signs. Failure to comply can result in a Parking Charge Notice.

14. What are the driving laws concerning pedestrian crossings?

You must give way to any pedestrians on a pedestrian crossing. Failure to do so can result in serious penalties.

15. Is there any basic safety tip for driving in Pinner?

Always stay alert and attentive while driving. Only overtake on the left and use your signal indicators properly. Familiarise yourself with the driving regulations before you start on your journey.

Pinner Roadtrip Routes

Explore England with these scenic drives

  1. The Cotswolds Circuit: A 145 km drive that beautifully encapsulates England's charm. Visit quaint villages, ancient landmarks, and stunning gardens.
  2. Cornwall Coastal Route: This 290 km route boasts of stunning coastal views, historic lighthouses and dramatic cliff lines.
  3. Lake District Loop: Explore the serene and beautiful English Lake District in this 240 km loop. Expect awe-inspiring landscapes and idyllic woodlands.
  4. The Yorkshire Dales Drive: This 130 km stretch has an undeniable appeal with its wild moorlands, picturesque villages, and rich heritage sites.
  5. Surrey and Sussex Gardens Drive: Spanning 150 km, this route offers a feast of lovely gardens, historic houses, and beautiful country views.
  6. Tour of the New Forest: Approximately 100 km of the beautiful, unspoilt wilderness of the New Forest, witnessing beautiful heathland, forest trails and native ponies.
  7. West Country To London: A fantastic 230 km drive from the West Country to London, through historic Bath and Oxford.


Discover Pinner

Hire a car and explore these top attractions

  1. Pinner Memorial Park: A beautiful green space in Pinner, offering activities for the whole family.
  2. Heath Robinson Museum: An entertaining homage to the varied work of artistic genius, William Heath Robinson.
  3. Eastcote House Gardens: A picturesque and historic gardens offering tranquility amidst the busy city.
  4. Ruislip Lido: An artificial beach, forest area and a heritage railway combined into one exceptional tourist spot.
  5. The Grange Restaurant: A historic Victorian house, now a luxurious dine-in retreat offering delicious cuisine.
  6. Headstone Manor & Museum: A manor house home to Harrow’s local history collections and archives.
  7. Pinner Village Gardens: A community park known for its tranquillity and floral beauty.
  8. Easel Art: An art centre where all ages can engage in creative art activities.