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In Stoke Newington, our car hire service prides itself on exceptional customer care. We're here to simplify your journey to local gems like the Clissold Park. The diversity of this region is mirrored in our wide choice of cars, promising a comfortable ride attuned to your needs.

Car Hire in Stoke Newington

Discover the sights of Stoke Newington and surrounding gems

City car near Stoke Newington Town Hall, vibrant crowd and vintage lampposts

Welcome to the wonderfully diverse and vibrant area of Stoke Newington. Nestled in the north-east of London, this unique location is a gem worth exploring. Known for its rich architectural heritage, assorted restaurants, and bustling markets, it's a locale that proudly thrives on multiculturalism and creative spirit. A must-visit highlight is the Clissold Park, a sprawling expanse of greenery with its idyllic lakes, animal enclosures, and impressive Clissold House.

Experiencing Stoke Newington by car offers the pleasure of navigating the charming Victorian streets at your own pace. The driving distances are reasonable, making it a comfortable journey. For culture enthusiasts, travelling a mere 20-minutes by car leads you to the Tate Modern. The Westminster Abbey, a masterpiece of Gothic architecture, can be reached in under half an hour. Don't forget to pass through the iconic Shoreditch, renowned for its street art, quirky boutiques, and trendy bars, a mere 10-minute drive away.

Under an hour's drive from Stoke Newington, lies Cambridge, home to the prestigious University of Cambridge. Marvel at the historic buildings and beautiful river views during your visit. The drive to the charming county of Kent, known as the 'Garden of England', is a visual delight and is just over an hour away, offering a wonderful day trip option.

Car Hire Stoke Newington

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does it cost to hire a car in Stoke Newington?

The cost of hiring a car in Stoke Newington varies based on factors such as the model and the duration of the hire. The price typically starts from around £50 per day for small cars and can rise for larger or luxury models.

2. What car model is the most commonly hired in Stoke Newington?

In Stoke Newington, compact cars are highly popular due to their efficiency in navigating through the area's busy streets. The Ford Fiesta is among the most commonly hired models.

3. Where are the most common pick-up locations for car hire in Stoke Newington?

The most popular locations to pick up a hired car in Stoke Newington are at the major car hire offices in the town centre and at regional airports such as Stansted and Heathrow.

4. Is there a 24-hour pick-up and drop-off service available?

Yes, most car hire companies in Stoke Newington offer 24-hour pick-up and drop-off services for maximum convenience.

5. What is the minimum rental period?

The minimum rental period usually is 24 hours, but some companies might offer more flexible options upon request.

6. What is the minimum age requirement to hire a car in Stoke Newington?

The minimum age requirement to hire a car is typically 21 years old, although this can vary depending on the company, with some requiring drivers to be at least 25.

7. What documents do I need to hire or drive a car in Stoke Newington?

To hire a car in Stoke Newington, you typically need a valid driving licence, a credit card in the driver's name, and proof of identity, such as a passport.

8. When is the best time of year to visit Stoke Newington by car?

The best time to visit Stoke Newington by car is during spring and autumn when the weather is mild and the town is less crowded than in the summer.

9. What are the main airports in Stoke Newington?

While Stoke Newington doesn't have an airport of its own, it is conveniently located near several major airports including Gatwick, Stansted and Heathrow.

10. Can I pick up the car in Stoke Newington and drop it off in a different city?

Yes, most car hire companies in Stoke Newington offer the option to drop off the car in a different location. However, this usually comes with an additional fee.

Car Hire Reviews


Stoke Newington – 02-01-2024. Truly a smooth process! The selection available was great, even some eco-friendly options. The pricing was very competitive to boot. On top of that, they gave me a map with the best sights around Stoke Newington, which proved useful. Will definitely hire from them again.


Stoke Newington – 23-12-2023. This business understands customer service. As someone from out the country, I was taken aback by how friendly and informative the staff were. The pricing was fair and the car was spotless. I particularly found the info about the local Stoke Newington traffic they gave to be very helpful. I'll certainly be using them on my return to the UK.


Stoke Newington – 15-10-2023. Hired a top-notch car! I thought the process was quick and transparent. Pricing didn't hit the pocket. Plus, it was an added bonus that their office is located in such a lovely part of the city. I highly recommend their services.


Stoke Newington – 29-06-2023. I've no complaints about my recent car hire. Clean car, reasonable prices, and excellent customer service. The staff member also advised me about parking in Stoke Newington, which saved me a fine. Great all-round experience.


Stoke Newington – 10-04-2023. Every part of hiring a car from Stoke Newington was handled professionally. Their fair pricing policy and the quality of the car I hired left me impressed. Made my exploration around Stoke Newington a breeze.


Stoke Newington – 25-02-2023. Very satisfied with my experience. Commendable service from the team and the prices were affordable. Nice touch giving advice on the best routes around Stoke Newington too. Good value!

Stoke Newington Road Links

Explore the UK by car

  1. Stoke Newington- Central London: A 9km, approx 30 min through A503. Busy city roads, peak hours might be congested.
  2. Stoke Newington - Cambridge: At 82.7km, approximately 1hr 30 min via the M11 motorway. Generally good road conditions.
  3. Stoke Newington - Oxford: At 104.6km, approximately 2 hrs via M40 and A40. A scenic drive through the English countryside.
  4. Stoke Newington - Brighton: Approximately 114km, around 2hrs of driving via A23. Watch out for speed cameras along the route.
  5. Stoke Newington - Stratford-upon-Avon: Approximately 175km or a 2.5hr drive via M40/A46. Good motorway driving conditions.
  6. Stoke Newington - Bath: Approximately 184km, 2.5hrs via M4. Generally good road conditions, but might be slower in winter due to weather.
  7. Stoke Newington - York: Approximately 320km, or 4hrs of drive via A1. Take a break at service stations on route to stretch your legs.

Stoke Newington Driving

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the speed limit in Stoke Newington?

In built-up urban areas such as Stoke Newington, the usual speed limit is 30 mph (approx. 48 km/h). However, speed limits may vary according to signs posted.

2. Where do I drive in Stoke Newington?

In Stoke Newington, like the rest of the UK, you should drive on the left side of the road.

3. Do I need a driving licence to drive in Stoke Newington?

Yes, you must hold a valid driving licence to legally drive in Stoke Newington. If you're from outside the EU, you may need an International Driving Permit (IDP).

4. How do tolls work in and around Stoke Newington?

There are no toll roads in Stoke Newington, but you may encounter them elsewhere in the UK. These can be paid at the toll booth or online depending on the toll road.

5. Are there many speed cameras in Stoke Newington?

Yes, like many urban areas in the UK, Stoke Newington does utilize speed cameras for enforcing speed limits.

6. How strict are the driving rules in Stoke Newington?

The UK, including Stoke Newington, has strict rules regarding safe driving, road signals, speed limits, and driver behaviour. It's important to familiarise yourself with these rules before you drive.

7. How can I avoid getting fines while driving in Stoke Newington?

Abide by all the driving rules, including speed limits, no-parking zones, and the side of the road to drive on, to avoid fines.

8. What is the traffic like in Stoke Newington?

As with any busy area, rush hour can lead to heavy traffic. Plan your travel times to avoid the busiest periods if possible.

9. Do I need to take a test to drive in Stoke Newington?

If you hold a driving licence, you don't need to pass a test to drive. But if you're a learner, you need to pass a theory and practical test.

10. Can a non-UK licence holder drive a hire car in Stoke Newington?

Non-UK licence holders can drive a hire car in Stoke Newington, but you may need an IDP.

11. How do you report a reckless driver in Stoke Newington?

If you see any dangerous driving, you can report it to the local police station or call 101, the non-emergency number.

12. How safe is it to drive in Stoke Newington at night?

Stoke Newington is generally safe to drive at night, but always remain vigilant and follow local driving rules.

13. Are the driving laws in Stoke Newington different from the rest of the UK?

No, the driving laws in Stoke Newington follow the general UK driving laws.

14. Can I drive in Stoke Newington with a provisional licence?

Yes, with a UK provisional licence you can drive in Stoke Newington but you must be accompanied by a driver over 21 who has had a full driving licence for at least three years.

15. Are there any unusual driving laws in Stoke Newington?

No, Stoke Newington follows standard UK driving laws.

Explore Stoke Newington

Top 8 tourist attractions

  1. Abney Park Cemetery: An impressive Victorian park, housing a mixture of rich heritage, wildlife and woodland.
  2. Clissold Park: A popular local park beloved for its large space, lakes, and numerous animals.
  3. Stoke Newington Church Street: Packed with independent boutiques, gourmet restaurants, and cosy pubs.
  4. Stoke Newington Farmers' Market: A community-led local food initiative selling local and organic produce every Saturday.
  5. Woodberry Wetlands: A thriving wildlife reserve set within local reservoirs.
  6. The Castle Climbing Centre: A vibrant and challenging place for rock climbing enthusiasts, located in a converted Victorian era water pumping station.
  7. Ryan's Bar: A lively spot offering a wide selection of drinks and regular live music sessions.
  8. The Twisted Fork: A unique magic-themed coffee shop offer amazing coffee, food, and magic tricks.

Best Roadtrips from Stoke Newington

Uncover the UK's Breathtaking Routes

  1. Stoke Newington to Cambridge: A 105km journey through quaint towns to museums and historic colleges. A grand spectacle of culture and history.
  2. The North Norfolk Coast: Embark on a 215km scenic coastline drive filled with bird reserves, charming villages and secluded beaches.
  3. The Romantic Road: Travel 360km to Derbyshire's Peak District National Park blanketed in blooming heather moors and millstone grits.
  4. Stoke Newington to Stratford-upon-Avon: The 165km drive offers dramatic landscapes and brings you to the birthplace of William Shakespeare.
  5. The Atlantic Highway: The 275km journey starts from Bideford, takes you along the rugged cliff-tops and sandy beaches of Cornwall and ends at Land’s End.
  6. The Yorkshire Dales Drive: This 160km trip takes you into the heart of Northern England's spectacular landscapes filled with limestone valleys and picturesque villages.
  7. London to Bath and the Cotswolds: Embark on a 275km journey through the world-famous city of Bath and the quaint villages of the Cotswolds.