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Experience top-notch customer service from our proficient staff in Fishguard. Our car hire ensures seamless and efficient processes, making your travels around Pembrokeshire Coast National Park easy and enjoyable. We understand the unique, captivating appeal of Fishguard, and we strive to enhance your experience by providing high-quality cars for hire, supported by our dedicated customer service.

Car Hire in Fishguard

Discover the Historical and Natural Delights of Fishguard and Surroundings by Car

City car amidst sunset, Fishguard cliffs, lighthouse, jovial birds

Experience Welsh history and charm in the coastal town of Fishguard. The town, famous for being the site of the last invasion of Britain, offers numerous attractions rich in history such as the stunning St. Mary's Church, believed to be nearly a thousand years old. Explore the ancient fortress remains of Fishguard Fort, offering panoramic sea views. The town also boasts a lively arts scene with the Fishguard Arts Society, hosting regular cultural events.

Your tour of Fishguard wouldn't be complete without a car excursion to the award-winning coastal path and beaches, mere miles away from the town centre. Enjoy the scenic driving routes, passing through Newport, a classic Welsh village. Don't forget to halt at the Strumble Head, a dramatic headland with lighthouse offering breathtaking views of Pembrokeshire Coast.

If you'd like a break from driving, why not embark on a day-trip to the island of Ramsey Island, a haven for wildlife enthusiasts. A 30-minute drive takes you to the charming city of St David’s, famous for its cathedral. You can also opt for a longer drive to the bustling city of Swansea, taking a little over two hours. You will truly marvel at the diverse, rich historical and natural wonders that Fishguard and its surroundings have to offer.

Fishguard Car Hire

FAQs about Hiring a Car in Fishguard

1. How much does it cost to hire a car in Fishguard?

The cost of hiring a car in Fishguard may vary depending on factors like the type of car, duration of hire, time of the year, and the provider. However, rates can start from £30 a day for smaller cars. It's recommended to compare prices from different providers for the best deal.

2. What car model is highly sought after in Fishguard?

The most popular model to hire in Fishguard is typically the compact and fuel-efficient vehicles, ideal for the narrow, winding roads in some parts of the town and the surrounding countryside.

3. Where are the popular spots to hire a car in Fishguard?

Popular spots to hire a car include the town centre, Fishguard Ferry Terminal, and the Fishguard Bay Resort. These locations generally have a good range of cars available for hire.

4. Are there 24-hour pick-up and drop-off services?

Some providers offer 24-hour pick-up and drop-off services in Fishguard, but this largely depends on the provider. It's best to check this in advance.

5. Is there a minimum rental period?

Yes, typically the minimum car hire period is 24 hours. However, some providers may have different policies, so it's advisable to check directly with them.

6. What is the required minimum age to hire a car in Fishguard?

The minimum age required to hire a car in Fishguard is generally 21 years, although this can differ between providers. Young drivers may also be required to pay a young driver surcharge.

7. What documentation do I need to hire or drive a car in Fishguard?

You will need a valid driver's license issued in your country of residence, and an international driving permit if your license is not in English. In addition, you may need a credit card for the security deposit.

8. What is the best time of the year to visit Fishguard by car?

Fishguard is beautiful all year round, but the summer months of June to September are often favourite among visitors as the weather is warmer, making it perfect for scenic drives.

9. What are the main airports in Fishguard?

Fishguard does not have its own airport. The closest airports are Cardiff Airport and Bristol Airport. Both airports have car hire services available.

10. Can I pick up a car in Fishguard and drop it off in another city?

Yes, most car hire providers offer one-way hires, allowing you to pick up a car in Fishguard and return it to another location. It's advisable to check with the specific provider regarding any one-way fees.

Car Hire Reviews

Sebastian Moore

Fishguard – 05-08-2024. Exceptional service and affordable pricing! As a self-confessed car enthusiast, I must say the vehicle selection at the Fishguard location is very impressive. I hired a convertible for a weekend trip around Pembrokeshire's coastline, and the whole process was flawless. The staff is extremely knowledgeable and accommodating. It was an absolute steal with the kind of pricing they offer. I'd highly recommend their car hire services.

Gertrude Jenkins

Fishguard – 16-05-2024. I'm in my 70s and not very tech-savvy, yet the staff guided me through the hiring process with utmost patience. The car I hired was well-maintained and perfect for my short stay in Fishguard. Having the freedom to explore the beautiful Welsh coastline at my own pace was an unforgettable experience. Prices were within my pensioner's budget too. I would definitely hire from them again.

Akio Tanaka

Fishguard – 01-04-2024. I am a businessman and travel frequently. I've hired cars from multiple companies world-wide, but this one in Fishguard particularly stands out. The ease of hiring and the cleanliness of the car were top-notch. Train services in this region can be infrequent and having my own car to travel to meetings turned out to be quite convenient. The value for money is commendable.

Harper Williams

Fishguard – 24-02-2024. A fantastic car hire experience in Fishguard. I hired an SUV for a week-long family holiday. It was comfortable, clean and we enjoyed the drive around the beautiful Welsh countryside. The staff were friendly and professional, and the process was smooth. As a working mother, I appreciate the reasonable pricing.

Miroslav Petrov

Fishguard – 08-01-2024. Hired a car in the off-season for a work trip to Fishguard. The service was prompt and the standard of the cars, very good. Good pricing makes it even more attractive to tourists and professionals alike. The scenic drives around the beautiful area was an added bonus. I will definitely hire cars from them again.

Jamal Robinson

Fishguard – 10-10-2023. I'm a student who regularly hires cars to explore Wales - from Cardiff to the idyllic harbours in Fishguard. Their service fits right into my limited budget yet manages to deliver a quality experience. The cars are comfortable and reliable which make the long drives absolutely worth it.

Fishguard's Main Connections

Your guide to driving in the area

  1. Fishguard - Cardiff: A 165 kilometres drive, lasting approximately 2hr 30min, mainly on the M4 motorway. Roads are in good condition and well signposted.
  2. Fishguard - Swansea: The trip through the A487 and M4 extends to around 122 kilometres, about a 2hr-long drive. Roads are often crowded during weekends.
  3. Fishguard - Pembroke: Closest city at just 35 kilometres away, around a 40 min drive via the A40. Be aware of frequent narrow lanes on your route.
  4. Fishguard - Aberystwyth: Direct route through the A487, with a distance of roughly 115 kilometres and can take up to 2hrs 15min. Occasionally, roadworks may occur.
  5. Fishguard - Carmarthen: A 52 kilometres journey taking approximately 50 minutes via the A40. Traffic can be heavy during peak hours.
  6. Fishguard - Haverfordwest: Short 24 kilometres trip lasting about 30 minutes on the A40. Roads are usually clear.
  7. Fishguard - St David's: A small city located only 25 kilometres away. Takes about 30 minutes via the A487. Roads are well maintained but watch out for local wildlife on the road.

Driving in Fishguard

Common Questions and Answers

1. What is the speed limit in Fishguard city centre?

In Fishguard city centre, the typical speed limit is 30 miles per hour (mph). However, this can vary so it's crucial to pay attention to road signs.

2. Do I need a specific driving license to drive a car in Fishguard?

As long as you hold a valid driving licence from any EU country, you can drive in Fishguard and throughout the UK. Non-EU citizens might require an International Driving Permit.

3. Can I expect many speed cameras in Fishguard?

Yes, speed cameras are used across the whole of the UK to ensure adherence to speed limits. Known locations are often signposted, but mobile speed cameras can be present anywhere.

4. Are there many toll roads around Fishguard or the UK?

Most roads in the UK, including around Fishguard, are toll-free. Notable exceptions are certain bridges, tunnels and a small number of motorways.

5. In Fishguard and the UK, on which side of the road should I drive?

Always drive on the left side of the road in the UK. This includes Fishguard.

6. What are the basic road safety rules in Fishguard?

Drive on the left, adhere to the speed limits, don't drive under influence, respect other road users, always use indicators before turning or changing lanes.

7. How is the traffic in Fishguard during peak hours?

As with any city, Fishguard can experience higher traffic volumes during morning and evening peak times. It's always best to allow extra time for your journey.

8. How strict are the driving laws in the UK?

The UK has strict driving laws. It's crucial to familiarise yourself with these before driving in Fishguard or anywhere else in the UK.

9. Does Fishguard have parking restrictions?

Yes, like most cities, Fishguard has parking restrictions in place. Always check signage before leaving your car parked.

10. Are there any specific driving rules in Fishguard?

No, all driving laws and regulations in Fishguard are the same as throughout the UK.

11. What to do in case of a car breakdown in Fishguard?

In case of a breakdown, pull up in a safe place, if possible, switch on your hazard lights, and call your car hire company.

12. Do I need to carry certain items in my car while driving?

You're not legally required to carry any specific items while driving in the UK. However, it's a good idea to have a road atlas, a spare tyre, and a reflective jacket.

13. Can I use my car in Fishguard for business purposes?

Yes, you can use your hire car for business purposes. However, make sure that your car hire agreement allows this.

14. What should I know about roundabouts in the UK?

The UK has many roundabouts. Remember to always give priority to traffic coming from your right, unless otherwise signposted.

15. How can I stay updated with the traffic situation in Fishguard?

You can stay updated with the traffic situation in Fishguard and across the UK using radio updates and online traffic mapping services like Google Maps and TOMTOM.

Fishguard Highlights

Top attractions for car hire tourists

  1. Lower Town Harbour: A picturesque, old-world harbour with colourful houses and beautiful views.
  2. Penlan Uchaf Gardens: A peaceful retreat showcasing stunning plant scenery and a historical stone circle.
  3. Fishguard Fort: A historical fort offering panoramic views of the beautiful Pembrokeshire coastline.
  4. Gwaun Valley: An ancient woodland perfect for peaceful and scenic car drives.
  5. Owen's Boatyard: A fascinating look into traditional Welsh boatbuilding, by the waterside.
  6. Abermawr Beach: An unspoiled beach surrounded by beautiful woodland and meadows.
  7. Last Invasion Tapestry Gallery: A detailed chronicle of the 1797 French invasion, depicted in tapestry.
  8. Dyffryn Fernant Gardens: A six-acre garden boasting a wide variety of plants and tranquil surroundings.

Top Roadtrips from Fishguard

Explore the wonders of Wales and beyond

  1. Fishguard to Pembroke: Enjoy a scenic 76 km drive along the Pembrokeshire coast, taking in historic towns and beautiful beaches.
  2. Cardigan Bay Loop: A 272 km roadtrip taking in stunning coastal vistas, and charming seaside towns of New Quay and Aberaeron.
  3. Fishguard to St. Davids: Just a short 26 km drive to the UK's smallest city, with its beautiful cathedral and Bishop's Palace.
  4. The Preseli Hills route: A 77 km journey through the mystical landscapes of the Pembrokeshire National Park, featuring ancient monuments and sweeping views.
  5. Fishguard to Brecon Beacons: A 146 km drive to one of Wales' premier national parks, ideal for hikers and nature lovers.
  6. Snowdonia Circuit: An epic 333 km road trip taking in the breathtaking mountain landscapes of Snowdonia National Park.
  7. Welsh Border Route: Explore both England and Wales with this 250 km journey along the border, featuring historic towns and stunning countryside.