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Car Hire in Canary Wharf

Your Comprehensive Guide to Exploring Canary Wharf by Car

City car in Canary Wharf, with skyscrapers, boats, seagulls, planters, and enthusiastic pedestrians.

Welcome to the dazzling world of Canary Wharf, a prominent modern business district in East London renowned for its iconic skyline, bustling shopping centres, and luxurious riverside living. A destination that transforms with the seasons, from open-air summer concerts to winter ice-skating, Canary Wharf provides ample opportunities for travelers to immerse in the eclectic London lifestyle.

Canary Wharf's rich history from a busy port to a major business hub adds unique charm to its cutting-edge architecture. Incorporating a mix of head offices, residential spaces, retail and dining venues, the district boasts the UK's three tallest buildings: One Canada Square, HSBC Tower and Barclays Tower. Do not miss the chance to explore Canary Wharf's Art Trail, a public art collection featuring over 75 pieces spread throughout the estate. Begin your adventure inside Canary Wharf itself, driving comfortably in your own car to explore every corner of this urban oasis.

Take advantage of Canary Wharf's excellent location and consider day-trips to London's many other attractions. For instance, a mere 20-minute drive will bring you to the heart of Central London. Visit the historic Buckingham Palace, enjoy a panoramic city view from the London Eye or explore the fascinating exhibits at the British Museum. Take a longer and scenic drive of approximately 2 hours 30 minutes to the glorious city of Oxford or journey for about an hour to reach the charming Royal Borough of Windsor. A short 30-minute car ride south across the River Thames will lead you to the iconic Cutty Sark, the world's only surviving tea clipper ship, now a museum ship.

Car Hire FAQs

Canary Wharf Car Rental

1. What is the cost of hiring a car in Canary Wharf?

The cost of hiring a car in Canary Wharf varies according to the type of car, duration of hire, and specific rental company. The average cost is around £30 a day.

2. What car model is most frequently hired in Canary Wharf?

Compact and fuel-efficient cars like the Ford Fiesta are often favoured for navigating the busy city streets. However, Canary Wharf being a financial hub, premium cars for business use are also in high demand.

3. Where are the most popular places to hire a car in Canary Wharf?

Popular pick-up spots include Canary Wharf itself and the London City Airport, for the convenience of travellers. There are also several car hire locations along the major highways.

4. Is there 24-hour pick-up and drop-off service available?

Yes, many companies in Canary Wharf offer 24-hour pick-up and drop-off services to cater to the diverse schedules of their customers.

5. What is the minimum rental period?

The minimum rental period often depends on the car hire company, with some offering hourly rates, while others may require a minimum of a one day hire.

6. What is the minimum age requirement to hire a car in Canary Wharf?

The minimum age to hire a car is typically 21-25 years old, however, this varies by company and car type. Drivers under 30 may also be restricted from hiring certain high-performance vehicles.

7. What documents do I need to hire or drive a car in Canary Wharf?

You will typically need a valid driver's licence, proof of insurance, and a credit or debit card in the driver’s name.

8. When is the best time of year to visit Canary Wharf by car?

Canary Wharf can be visited year-round, but spring and autumn often offer the most pleasant weather. Driving around Canary Wharf is also less congested outside of rush hours.

9. What are the main airports in Canary Wharf?

The closest airport to Canary Wharf is the London City Airport. Other nearby airports include Heathrow, Gatwick, and Stansted.

10. Can I pick up a car in Canary Wharf and return it in a different city?

Yes, many car hire companies offer one-way rentals, though this usually incurs an additional fee.

Car Hire Reviews


Canary Wharf, London – 10-06-2024. Having moved to Canary Wharf only a week ago, for my retirement, I hired a car from this company to explore my new surroundings. I was pleasantly surprised by their efficient service and competitive pricing. Rely on this team for a stress-free experience. Centre of my concerns was the cost, but they turned out to be not as heavy on the pocket as I'd imagined.


Canary Wharf, London – 18-03-2024. I booked a car from this business for a spring adventure around Greater London with my children. Very straightforward process, excellent customer service, new car models and fair price. The kids loved the comfy car. Would definitely recommend to any parent looking for a car hire.


Canary Wharf, London – 03-01-2024. I generally have a penchant for visiting different breweries across the country and hire cars regularly for the trips. As a frequent customer, the affordable prices and clean cars keep me coming back. The staff are friendly and the proximity to Canary Wharf's hub is perfect for my tours.


Canary Wharf, London – 20-11-2023. Easiest car hire ever! Needed a car for a quick weekend getaway to the countryside. The process was quick and staff guided me well. The car was clean, barely used and the overall cost was reasonable. Returns were hassle-free with their drop-off point easily accessible from the tube station.


Canary Wharf, London – 10-08-2023. I'm a photographer, often visiting London for shoots. I recently hired a car from this company in Canary Wharf. Exceptional service - from booking to returning the car, everything was simple. The car's condition was immaculate allowing me to get around the shoots without any hiccups.


Canary Wharf, London – 01-01-2024. Used this company's service for a New Year's Day trip. Was impressed by their swift and professional service. Despite being a holiday, they had enough staff on hand to facilitate the process making my day more enjoyable. Looking forward to hiring again for my future trips in London.

Canary Wharf Road Connections

Essential Routes from Canary Wharf

  1. Canary Wharf - Cambridge: A 113km journey mainly via M11. Approximately 1h 30m travel time. Road conditions are generally good but watch out for traffic during peak times.
  2. Canary Wharf - Brighton: A 122km trip, taking around 2h 15m via A23, which is the primary road on this route. Well-maintained road, but traffic can build up.
  3. Canary Wharf - Birmingham: A distance of 205km, with a driving time of approximately 2h 30m via M1. The road conditions are quite good, with occasional traffic due to construction work.
  4. Canary Wharf - Bath: Journey of 197km taking around 2h 40m via M4. Generally, roads are in good condition with moderate traffic levels.
  5. Canary Wharf - Oxford: An 81km trip that takes approximately 1h 40m via M40. Road condition is good, but beware of traffic congestion in the mornings and evenings.
  6. Canary Wharf - Manchester: A longer journey of 332km, which primarily involves the M1 and takes roughly 4h 20m. Roads are generally in excellent condition, but traffic build-up can occur.
  7. Canary Wharf - Southampton: A 130km journey via M3 with an average travel time of 2h. Roads are in good condition, but can be busy during holidays.

Driving in Canary Wharf

Common Questions Answered

1. What's the speed limit when driving in Canary Wharf?

In Canary Wharf, like much of London, the maximum speed limit is typically 30 mph (48 km/h). However, some roads may have a limit of 20 mph so it's crucial to always check for road signs. On motorways and dual carriageways throughout the UK, the limit is generally 70 mph (113 km/h).

2. Can I use my non-UK driving licence to drive in Canary Wharf?

Yes, visitors who possess a valid driving licence issued in their home country can hire and drive a car in the UK for up to 12 months from their last entry into the country.

3. Are there many speed cameras in Canary Wharf and the wider UK?

Yes, speed cameras are common throughout the UK, including Canary Wharf. Always obey the speed limit to avoid fines and penalty points on your licence.

4. Are there tolls when driving in Canary Wharf, London or the UK?

There are a few toll roads, bridges, and tunnels in the UK, but not in Canary Wharf itself. London has a Congestion Charge zone, you may need to pay a daily charge if driving in it between 7 am and 10 pm, from Monday to Friday.

5. What are the general rules for driving in Canary Wharf and the UK?

Drive on the left side, always wear a seatbelt, obey the speed limits, and follow road traffic signs. It's also illegal to use a handheld mobile phone when driving.

6. How busy is the traffic in Canary Wharf?

Canary Wharf is a bustling area, especially during weekday rush hours. It's always best to plan your journey in advance and use navigation aids.

7. Are the driving rules in Canary Wharf different to other parts of the UK?

Driving rules in Canary Wharf follow the standard UK regulations. However, there may be local restrictions and rules you should be aware of, including the Congestion Charge in parts of London.

8. Are there additional safety regulations for driving in Canary Wharf?

No, the same safety regulations apply throughout the UK. Always be aware of pedestrians, especially in congested areas.

9. Are there any specific local driving rules in Canary Wharf?

There are no specific local driving rules in Canary Wharf, however, it's crucial to be aware of the Congestion Charge if driving in central London.

10. Do any additional rules apply for hiring a car in Canary Wharf?

Requirements may vary slightly depending on the car hire company. Generally, you'll need a valid driving licence, credit card, and must be at least 21 years old.

11. Are UK road signs easy to understand?

Most of the UK's road signs are internationally recognised symbols and are generally easy to understand. However, some unique signs may require familiarization.

12. Is it common to see traffic wardens in Canary Wharf?

Yes, traffic wardens are commonly seen across Canary Wharf and London, enforcing parking restrictions and penalties.

13. Can I check for traffic updates in Canary Wharf?

Yes, several online resources provide updated traffic information for Canary Wharf and the wider London area.

14. Is parking easily available in Canary Wharf?

Canary Wharf has multiple car parks but they can get busy, especially during weekdays. Some areas also have street parking but check for any restrictions.

15. How strict are the authorities on driving offences in Canary Wharf?

UK traffic laws are strictly enforced. Driving offences such as speeding, running a red light, or using a mobile phone while driving can result in hefty fines or penalty points.

Explore Canary Wharf

Not-to-miss Sights Near Canary Wharf

  1. Museum of London Docklands: Uncover the history of London's River Thames and the growth of Docklands.
  2. Canary Wharf Shopping Centre: Home to designer shops, diverse restaurants and lively bars.
  3. One Canada Square: Visit London’s first skyscraper, hosting exhibitions, restaurants and shops.
  4. Canada Square Park: An outdoor venue for community events, including concerts, sporting events and a winter ice-skating rink.
  5. Crossrail Place Roof Garden: Relax in this spectacular indoor garden, offering stunning views.
  6. The O2: A multi-purpose indoor arena within the Millennium Dome which hosts concerts, exhibitions and entertainment shows.
  7. Isle of Dogs: Explore the peninsula surrounded by the River Thames, rich in history.
  8. Greenwich Park: Visit one of the largest single green spaces in South East London with a breathtaking view.

Best Roadtrips from Canary Wharf

Drive the best routes in the area

  1. Canary Wharf to Greenwich: Start your journey from Canary Wharf to Greenwich. This 5km route is a quick trip taking you through the Olympic Park, filled with green spaces and architectural wonders.
  2. Canary Wharf to Cambridge: Drive along the scenic A10 to the historic city of Cambridge. Explore the beautiful university buildings and gardens in this 100km journey.
  3. Canary Wharf to Brighton: Enjoy this 72km trip down the M23 that shines a light on Britain's coastal towns. Brighton offers beautiful beaches, the famous Pavilion, and a vibrant nightlife.
  4. Canary Wharf to Cotswolds: Begin this 164km journey along the M40 to the idyllic Cotswolds. This rural landscape filled with quaint villages and rolling hills offers the perfect escape from the city.
  5. Canary Wharf to Bath: Drive from Canary Wharf to the historic Bath Spa, nestled in the rolling countryside. This 225km route takes you to Bath's ancient Roman baths and breath-taking Georgian architecture.
  6. Canary Wharf to Stratford Upon Avon: On this 210km journey, you'll encounter the birthplace of Shakespeare. Stratford Upon Avon offers a rich history and an array of beautiful, half-timbered buildings.
  7. Canary Wharf to Oxford: Enjoy the 93km route featuring the 'city of dreaming spires'. Oxford offers awe-inspiring architecture and a prestigious university.