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Situated in Sale Downtown, our car hire service is known for providing unparalleled customer service. Our efficient and courteous team is always ready to assist you, ensuring a flawless experience from start to end. Explore the charm of Gippsland's rich history and natural beauty with our comprehensive range of vehicles. Our commitment to customer satisfaction guarantees a smooth ride and a memorable journey amidst Sale's scenic beauty.

Car Hire in Sale Downtown

From Historical Streets to Breathtaking Nature Spots - Discover Sale and Beyond

City car scenic drive in bustling Sale Downtown

Welcome to Sale Downtown, the heart of vibrant Gippsland region in the southeastern part of Victoria, Australia. This intimate city is graced with a rich history, impressive architecture, and an abundance of natural treasures. Sale is the perfect gateway to the incredible landscapes of Gippsland's lakes, wetlands, and forests. Get ready to explore the city's thriving art scene, splendid parks, and the fascinating Gippsland Armed Forces Museum.

Start your journey with a leisurely stroll around Sale Common, a stunning wetland and bush reserve nestled just a short car ride from the bustling city centre. Traverse its boardwalks to get up close with the local wildlife. A mere 15 minutes away by car is the captivating Ninety Mile Beach, a pristine stretch of golden sand that embraces the splendid Gippsland coastline. You can enjoy a plethora of water activities or simply bask in the grandeur of the panoramic sea views.

If you're keen on a longer road trip, consider steering your car towards Gippsland's High Country, a mountainous region located just over two hours drive from Sale. Not only will you be rewarded with breathtaking scenery and a host of outdoor activities, but you'll also have the chance to discover the region's unique cool-climate wines, local produce, and quaint towns.

Car Hire FAQs

Sale Downtown Car Rental Information

1. What is the cost to hire a car in Sale Downtown?

The cost to hire a car in Sale Downtown may vary based on various factors such as the rental duration, type of car, and the time of year. We recommend checking with specific car hire companies for the most accurate pricing information.

2. Which car model is most commonly hired in Sale Downtown?

Compact and economy cars are typically the most commonly hired in Sales Downtown, due to the compact nature of the streets and the overall convenience in terms of parking and fuel efficiency.

3. What are the popular spots to hire a car in Sale Downtown?

Popular spots for car hire usually include the airport, central business district, and some well-known hotels.

4. Does Sale Downtown have 24-hour car hire service available?

While some car hire services may offer 24-hour pick-up and drop-off, it is always advisable to check with the specific service provider for their operating hours.

5. Is there a minimum hire period for cars in Sale Downtown?

Most car hire services require a minimum rental period, which is typically 24 hours. However, some may offer hourly rates.

6. What is the required minimum age to hire a car in Sale Downtown?

The minimum age to hire a car generally varies from 21 to 25 years depending on the service provider's policy.

7. What documents do I need for hiring and driving a car in Sale Downtown?

To hire a car, you would typically need a valid driver's license, credit or debit card, and you may also need an International Driving Permit if you're from overseas.

8. When is the best time of the year to visit Sale Downtown by car?

The best time to visit Sale Downtown by car would be during the dryer months between March and November, as the region can experience heavy rainfall during the other months.

9. What are the primary airports in Sale Downtown?

The primary airports in Sale Downtown are Sale Airport and Latrobe Valley Airport. For more information about these airports, visit the respective Sale Airport and Latrobe Valley Airport websites.

10. Can I pick up the car in Sale Downtown and return it in another city?

Many car hire companies provide the option to pick up a car in one city and return it in another. However, this may incur additional charges.

Car Hire Reviews

Glenn Patterson

Sale Downtown – 15-09-2024. As a regular hirer of vehicles, I've had my share of different experiences. The professionalism displayed by the staff at this car hire company in Sale Downtown is certainly commendable. I was able to complete the whole process of hiring the vehicle quickly, thanks to their swift service. Not to mention, the price was fair, and the car in great shape.

Leanne Jarvis

Sale Downtown – 10-07-2024. I'm thoroughly impressed with the level of service I've received from this car hire company. They delivered precisely what they promised - a quality vehicle at a reasonable price in Sale Downtown. The staff were professional, and the car was well-maintained. Thank you for making my trip stress-free.

Clifford Brown

Sale Downtown – 20-05-2024. Having hired cars across various cities, I find this company in Sale Downtown to stand out for their exemplary service. The car was in excellent condition and the prices reasonable. They have a customer-friendly approach, which made the entire process very comfortable.

Tiffany Hargreaves

Sale Downtown – 03-01-2024. What a delightful experience! The staff at the car hire company were courteous and at all times professional. The pick-up and drop-off process was easy, and the prices were decidedly fair. The car itself was perfect. Can't recommend them enough!

Johnathon Hughes

Sale Downtown – 22-11-2023. It was a pleasure hiring a car from this company in Sale Downtown. The vehicle was of top quality and the staff were extremely helpful. I appreciate their commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction, and I found their prices to be very reasonable. An overall excellent hire experience.

Genie Gillespie

Sale Downtown – 06-10-2023. I have hired cars from several companies before, but this one in Sale Downtown undoubtedly stands out. The services were impeccable and the prices affordable. The staff were very professional and the car in premium condition. I would definitely choose them for future hires.

Sale Downtown Road Connections

Comprehensive Driving Information

  1. Sale Downtown to Melbourne: Approximately 217 km and a journey time of about 3 hours via the M1. Roads are of high quality with multiple rest stops.
  2. Sale Downtown to Yallourn North: This is a shorter journey of approximately 147 km and takes around 2 hours via the A1 and M1. Good road conditions with scenic drives.
  3. Sale Downtown to Bairnsdale: The travel distance is approximately 70 km with a driving time of around an hour via the A1. Excellent road with beautiful countryside views.
  4. Sale Downtown to Port Albert: A picturesque route that is approximately 96 km with a travel time of about 1.5 hours via the A440. Good, well sign-posted road.
  5. Sale Downtown to Mansfield: This journey is approximately 232 km and takes around 3 hours via the M1 and B300. Roads are well maintained.
  6. Sale Downtown to Orbost: A journey of about 213 km, taking roughly 3 hours by car via the A1. The route offers pleasant country landscapes.
  7. Sale Downtown to Lilydale: The driving distance is approximately 215 km and the journey time is about 3 hours via the M1. The roads are well-maintained.

Driving in Sale

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the general speed limit in Sale Downtown?

The general speed limit in Sale Downtown is 50km/h in built-up areas and 100km/h outside built-up areas, unless signs say otherwise.

2. Can I drive with an overseas license in Sale Downtown?

An overseas driver's license is acceptable in Sale Downtown and across the country, provided it is in English or accompanied by an official translation or international driving permit.

3. What is the procedure if caught by speed radars?

Speed radars in Sale Downtown and across the country will automatically issue fines to drivers exceeding the speed limit. The fine notification will be sent to the car's registered address, which in case of hire cars, is typically the car rental company's address. The rental company will then forward the fine to you.

4. Are there any toll roads in Sale Downtown?

There are no toll roads in Sale Downtown specifically, but there are toll roads across the country. The tolls can be paid either electronically or in cash. Many hire car companies provide e-tags with their cars.

5. What are the basic driving rules in Sale Downtown?

Common rules include driving on the left, the use of indicators when turning, giving way to buses and road trains, and adhering to road signage.

6. What is the road traffic condition in Sale Downtown during rush hour?

Road traffic can be heavy during the morning and late afternoon as people commute to and from work. Plan for possible delays during these times.

7. How safe is it to drive in Sale Downtown?

It is generally safe to drive in Sale Downtown, as long as drivers follow the road rules. The city has wide, well-marked roads and a reasonably low traffic volume.

8. Is it a law to carry driving license when driving?

Yes, it is compulsory to carry your driving license at all times when driving a car in Sale Downtown and across the whole country.

9. How are school zones regulated?

School zones in Sale Downtown have a reduced speed limit of 40km/h during school hours, which are typically 8:00-9:30am and 2:30-4:00pm on weekdays.

10. What happens if my car breaks down in Sale Downtown?

For car breakdowns in Sale Downtown, you should immediately inform your car rental company for assistance. If in the middle of traffic, ensure to park the car off the road for safety.

11. How are parking rules in Sale Downtown?

In general, observe parking signs for restrictions. Paid parking is often enforced in the inner city areas.

12. How to comprehend digital speed limit signs?

Digital speed limit signs in Sale Downtown display the maximum legal speed limit on that stretch of road. Always follow the displayed speed limit.

13. Are there any restrictions on night driving in Sale Downtown?

No specific additional restrictions for night driving in Sale Downtown. However, reduced visibility requires more careful and attentive driving.

14. How is the condition of roads in the country?

Most of the roads in the country are well-maintained. However, rural areas might have gravel or poorly surfaced roads.

15. What side of the road are you expected to drive on?

In Sale Downtown, as with the rest of the country, you are expected to drive on the left side of the road.

Top Attractions in Sale

A Guide for Car Hire Tourists

  1. Gippsland Armed Forces Museum: A unique place showcasing military history of Australia.
  2. Sale Botanic Gardens: An area filled with diverse flora and fauna, perfect for a peaceful day out.
  3. Port of Sale: Historical port filled with activities catering to every age group.
  4. Sale Swing Bridge: An engineering marvel from the 1880's, great for sightseeing.
  5. Sale Common Nature Conservation Reserve: Ideal spot for birdwatching and enjoying natural beauty.
  6. Sale Railway Museum: A perfect attraction for rail enthusiasts, showcasing pieces of rail history.
  7. St Mary's Cathedral: 19th-century cathedral with stunning architecture and beautiful stained glass.
  8. Gippsland Art Gallery: A haven for art lovers featuring exhibits from local and international artists.

Top Roadtrips from Sale Downtown

Explore beautiful Australia from the comfort of your hire car

  1. Sale to Lakes Entrance: A pleasant 118 km drive south-east through the forests and farmland of Gippsland, a region known for its natural attractions and wildlife.
  2. Sale to Wilsons Promontory: This 173 km journey away from the city takes you to a peninsula that forms the southernmost part of the Australian mainland, boasting stunning coastal scenery.
  3. Great Alpine Road: This beautiful 339 km drive will take you from Sale to Wangaratta, meandering through mountain ranges, vineyards, and picturesque towns along the way.
  4. Sale to Phillip Island: A 176 km car trip that offers a spectacular coastal view and a chance to witness the famous Penguin Parade.
  5. East Gippsland Food and Wine Trail: Just 323 km from Sale, this route promises an indulgent journey to the world of gourmet food, wine, and craft beer.
  6. Sale to Melbourne: A 215 km drive through the heart of Victoria, reaching Melbourne which is renowned for its art, culture, and delectable dining options.
  7. Sale to Bairnsdale: Situated just 68 km away, Bairnsdale is a historical port city offering a plethora of scenic and cultural attractions.
  8. Sale to Ninety Mile Beach: The 109 km route takes you to one of the longest uninterrupted beaches in the world, perfect for those who love the sun, sand, and sea.