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Promising a seamless car hire experience in Parramatta, our team is dedicated to providing impeccable customer service. We assist you in selecting the perfect car that aligns with your travel needs. We comprehend the unique dynamic of this region, home to heritage sites like Old Government House and contemporary attractions like Riverside Theatres. Our customer care representatives are available for continuous support, addressing your queries, and ensuring your satisfaction. Indeed, customer service is the backbone of our operations.

Car Hire Parramatta

Your Rental Questions Answered

1. How much does it cost to hire a car in Parramatta?

The cost of hiring a car in Parramatta largely depends on the type of car, rental duration and time of the year. On average, car hire can start from $30 per day for a standard car.

2. What car model is most commonly hired in Parramatta?

Compact cars are often favoured in Parramatta due to their convenience in city driving and parking. However, if you're planning to explore surrounding rural areas, a larger vehicle or SUV might be more suitable.

3. Where are the popular car hire locations in Parramatta?

The most popular places for car hire include Parramatta city centre and shopping districts, providing easy access to car hire services.

4. Is there a 24-hour pickup and drop-off service?

Most car hire companies in Parramatta offer 24-hour pickup and drop-off services. However, it's always best to check with the specific provider in advance.

5. Is there a minimum hire period?

The majority of car hire services require a minimum one-day hire. However, some companies may offer hourly rates.

6. What is the minimum age requirement to hire a car in Parramatta?

The standard age requirement to hire a car in Parramatta is 21, but this can vary between car hire companies, with some requiring drivers to be at least 25.

7. What documents do I need to hire or drive a car in Parramatta?

You will need a current and full valid driver's licence. If the licence is not in English, an international driving permit or official translation may be required.

8. What is the best time of year to visit Parramatta by car?

The best time to visit Parramatta by car is typically between September and February, when weather conditions are typically milder and conducive to road trips.

9. What are the main airports in Parramatta?

The main airport serving Parramatta is Sydney Airport, located about 20 kilometres away.

10. Can the car be picked up in Parramatta and returned in another city?

Yes, most car hire companies offer one-way rentals. However, it is advisable to confirm whether additional fees apply for this service.

Car Hire Reviews


Parramatta – 03-01-2024. As an elderly gentleman who is not particularly savvy with gadgets and technology, I found this car hire service refreshingly simple and user-friendly. Despite my initial hesitations, the staff was exceedingly patient and considerate, guiding me through the process seamlessly. Cost-wise, it was rather reasonable as well; I didn’t feel like I was being overcharged for any unnecessary perks or services. Moreover, the car was in pristine condition and perfect for driving around the bustling streets of Parramatta. All in all, a splendid experience.


Parramatta – 15-10-2023. As a frequent traveller, I've hired cars from various companies but this Parramatta-based company is by far the best. I found their rates competitive, particularly considering the quality of the car I hired. Being given a car that was serviced, clean and so comfortable made my business trip smooth and hassle-free. I appreciate their genuine dedication to customer satisfaction.


Parramatta – 27-08-2023. My family and I hired a car for our vacation in Parramatta in August 2023. The process was easy, and the staff were straightforward and clear in their communication. Despite the hiring process being during the peak time , the car we were given was in top-notch condition. The price was on par with other service providers, and as a bonus, they gave us a map and some local insider tips for free! Truly worth the money.


Parramatta – 03-06-2023. As a university student living off a budget, I often find hiring a car a bit of an extravagant expense. However, this company provides valuable services at fair prices , debunking my assumptions. Their student discount offer was a lifesaver during my field trip to Parramatta! Furthermore, what sets them apart is their excellent standard of service and sense of responsibility. A truly reliable hire car company.


Parramatta – 10-04-2023. I have been using this company’s services for my business needs since 2023. They never fail to deliver exceptional service . The cars are actively maintained, and the staff is always helpful and responsive. And the prices? Competitive. This car hire company in Parramatta is certainly worth consideration for all your travel needs.


Parramatta – 06-01-2023. For my first time hiring a car, this company made the process incredibly smooth. The staff was patient and answered all of my questions, and the car itself was clean and in excellent condition. It didn't have an exorbitant price tag either. I appreciated their detailed route suggestions around Parramatta's landmarks too – it shows they genuinely care about their customers’ experiences.

Road Connections from Parramatta

Key Driving Routes for Tourists

  1. Parramatta - Sydney CBD: Approx. 25 km away, about 35 minutes drive via A44 - A popular route for tourists wishing to explore more of Sydney's city Centre.
  2. Parramatta - Blue Mountains: Roughly 68 km away, it takes 1.5 hours via M4. Witness breathtaking views and enjoy a vast range of outdoor activities.
  3. Parramatta - Sydney Olympic Park: A brief 8 km journey, taking about 15 minutes via A3 - A historic, must-visit destination for sports fans.
  4. Parramatta - Palm Beach: A beautiful coastal drive, approximately 58 km and 1 hour 15 minutes via M2 - Perfect for a day of sunshine and surf.
  5. Parramatta - Manly Beach: Roughly 40 km away, about 50 minutes via M2 and A8, a route often frequented by tourists for a day at the beach.
  6. Parramatta - Canberra: About 286 km away, it takes roughly 3.5 hours via M5 and M31 - A long drive to the country's wonderful capital.
  7. Parramatta - Melbourne: A lengthy 876 km drive, approximately 9 hours via M31 - For those long haul journeys to explore more of what the country has to offer.

Driving in Parramatta

Common questions

1. What is the speed limit when driving in Parramatta and across the country?

The typical speed limit in urban areas, including Parramatta, is 50 km/hr. freeways and some other major roads may have higher speed limits up to 110 km/hr. Always follow the signposted speed limits.

2. What type of driving licence do I need to drive a car in Parramatta?

Visitors from overseas are allowed to drive with a valid international driver's licence in Australia. Also, you should always carry a licence with English translation or an International Driving Permit (IDP).

3. Are there radars for monitoring speed in Parramatta?

Yes, fixed and mobile speed cameras are used across Parramatta and the wider country to enforce speed limits.

4. Can you explain the toll system in Parramatta?

There are tolls on some roads, bridges and tunnels in Parramatta and throughout the country. Most of them are cashless, so you’ll need an electronic tag or pass to pay the toll.

5. Are there any specific driving rules I should be aware of?

Remember to always drive on the left-hand side of the road in Australia. Roundabouts are a common traffic system, give way to cars already on the roundabout.

6. What should I do in case of a traffic congestion in Parramatta?

In case of traffic congestion, stay calm and follow the traffic rules. Frequent use of the horn is generally considered aggressive driving.

7. Is road courtesy important while driving in Parramatta?

Yes, politeness and courtesy are a part of good driving etiquette in Australia. It's common to thank other drivers for their kindness with a friendly wave.

8. Are there any driving safety rules in Parramatta I should know about?

Yes, ensure all passengers wear seatbelts and do not exceed the vehicle's recommended load limit. Avoid any distractions and keep both hands on the wheel where possible.

9. In what scenarios can I overtake another car in Parramatta?

You are only permitted to overtake another car on the right side unless they are turning right or making a U-turn.

10. What rules apply to zebra crossings in Parramatta?

Drivers must stop at a pedestrian crossing if there is a pedestrian on the crossing or ready to step out onto the crossing.

11. What is the rule for driving in school zones during school hours in Parramatta?

The standard speed limit is 40 km/hr in school zones during school hours, which are typically 8AM-9:30AM and 2:30PM-4PM on school days.

12. Can I drive in bus lanes in Parramatta?

Unless signed otherwise, only buses can use bus lanes. Penalties apply for other vehicles using bus lanes.

13. What's the rule related to yellow traffic lights in Parramatta?

Yellow (amber) traffic lights or arrows mean stop unless you're so close to the intersection when it becomes yellow that you can't stop safely.

14. How can I understand and interpret different traffic signs in Parramatta?

Traffic signs in Parramatta follow international symbolic representation. A comprehensive guide can be found on the official website of NSW Road Transport.

15. What are the penalties for breaking traffic rules in Parramatta?

Penalties for breaking road rules vary depending on the offence and can include fines, loss of demerit points, loss of licence, and for serious offences, imprisonment.

Parramatta Highlights

Top 8 Attractions Near Parramatta

  1. Parramatta Park: A heritage-listed park offering attractive picnic spots and historic buildings.
  2. Riverside Theatres: A renowned performing arts centre offering vibrant theatrical performances.
  3. Lake Parramatta Reserve: A popular spot for bushwalks, picnics, and water sports activities.
  4. Old Government House: Australia’s oldest public building with fascinating historical significance.
  5. St John’s Cathedral: A stunning 19th-century cathedral showcasing beautiful Australian architecture.
  6. Bankwest Stadium: A state-of-the-art stadium hosting major sports and entertainment events.
  7. Elizabeth Farm: An early 19th century family home that offers a glimpse into the life of past era.
  8. Parramatta Farmers Market: A bustling food market offering various local produce and gourmet foods.

Parramatta Roadtrips

Explore Australia by Car

  1. Sydney to Melbourne Drive: Embark on an 872km journey passing through cities like Goulburn, Albury, and Bendigo, absorbing Australia's rich heritage and stunning landscapes.
  2. Greater Blue Mountains Drive: Enjoy a mesmerising 1200km journey of natural and cultural wonders right from Parramatta to Blue Mountains, encompassing national parks and world-class vineyards.
  3. Pacific Coast Drive: A marvellous 1200km road trip allowing spectacular views of Australia's eastern coastline, from Sydney to tropical Byron Bay. Experience remarkable scenery and wildlife.
  4. Grand Pacific Drive: Short but beautiful, this 140km route displays the picturesque coastal drive from Sydney to Wollongong, passing through rainforests, dramatic cliffs and beautiful beaches.
  5. Canberra Explorer Drive: A 700km trip to Australia's capital, passing through historic Goulburn, Yass and National Parks offering quintessential Australian landscapes and outdoor activities.
  6. Greater Hunter Drive: This 270km round trip from Parramatta to Newcastle showcases Australia’s oldest wine region, the Hunter Valley, and offers access to glorious beaches and historical sites.


Car Hire in Parramatta

Driving Through the Geographical Heart of Sydney

City car at Parramatta's vibrant locale, ferry wharf and park

Welcome to the heart of Greater Sydney: Parramatta. Australia's second oldest city is an irresistible blend of rich history and evolving modernity. Known as Australia's second CBD, it boasts a vibrant arts scene, world-class dining establishments, and a plethora of shopping options. Parramatta's crown jewel is the Parramatta Park, a vast expanse of natural beauty that invites visitors to unwind, walk around, and even cycle down its leafy trails.

Driving in and around Parramatta is a delight for any visitor. Arriving and departing in a hire car allows you to take control of your experience and adds immeasurable convenience to your visit. Parramatta, thanks to its central location, is gateway to both the Blue Mountains to the west and The Royal National Park to the south. Approximately a one to two hour drive in each direction, depending on traffic conditions, these journeys offer an avenue to experience Australia's quintessential landscape at your own pace.

To the east of Parramatta lies the bustling metropolis of Sydney. A swift 30-minute drive will land you in the heart of the iconic city. Explore the famed Sydney Opera House, the enchanting Royal Botanic Garden or wander the historic Rocks district. No visit to Parramatta can be considered complete without heading east and drinking in the high-energy vibes of Australia's largest city.